1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Chief Wahoo-Offensive?”

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“Indians Baseball-Was It Offensive?”


So what’s in a nickname? What should a logo represent?

Where should history come in making a decision to make a change of a team, an identity?

Major League baseball has forced the Cleveland Indians to drop their historical ‘Chief Wahoo’ logo, the one with the smiling Indians, that adorned their caps and their sleeves on their jerseys for decades.

Chief Wahoo was one of the first logos ever presented in public, starting back in 1948, by then owner Bill Vleck, the master marketeer.

The logo has had different faces attached to it, but the current ‘Chief Wahoo’ dates to 1954, when the Indians were in the World Series.

In a society where so many people want the world to be politically correct, even if your President can use vulgar terms like ‘s—hole’ and be linked to steamy affairs with a prositute, let’s make sure we get all the nicknames and logos of teams changed.

So Chief Wahoo goes the way like the Atlanta Braves ‘indian head logo’ disappeared. Of course the Braves tomahawk is still on the front of their jersey.

Syracuse University forfeited its Indians nickname and its warrior logo years ago for adaption of the Orangemen instead.

Marquette’s Warriors went away, as did the Miami of Ohio Redskins, Eastern Michigan Hurons, and North Dakota State Fighting Sioux.

Of course we still have Daniel Snyder’s Washington Redskins, and the logo of the Indian head, similar to the one that used to be on one of our coins.

No one has made a move on the Golden State Warriors name, the Chicago Blackhawks, nor the college basketball Bradley Braves.

And in town,a select few continue to rage on San Diego’s State’s nickname, Warrior mascot and team colors.

I am not sure where you draw the line between ‘offensive’ and being a fad.

Very few of the teams names nor the insignias that were dropped were offensive.

In an era where everyone likes to wear their teams colors or show their sprit, most all the people I cross paths with, are frustrated, and believe this political correctness in sports is overblown. They want it to cease….”PC-is-BS” they say.

In a year in which we had National Anthem protests, Colin Kaeperneck being blackballed, and continued civil unrest, you’d think government would have better things to do than force baseball to force the Indians to say goodbye to Chief Wahoo.

This borders equal to the moves to take down all the monuments in the south to Civil War generals, begging the question about priorities.

Try solving things like immigration, opioid drugs, the flu epidemic.

Chief Wahoo was artistry and history, and it was sports not society.

Offensive? Don’t think so. Not as offensive as your President, what he says, tweets, does. Is it?


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