1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Tuesday. “Chiefs-Andy Reid–Terrible Loss–Even Worse Tragedy”

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“Andy Reid-A Terrible Loss–An Even Worse Tragedy”


The Kansas City Chiefs have returned home.

The pain, the sadness, the loss suffered on Super Bowl Weekend will linger for awhile.

The tragedy of the Super Bowl weekend may last their lifetime.

Andy Reid’s professional career as a coach are in neon lights for everyone to see.  All those successes.

Andy Reid’s personal life problems are there in red-white-blue police flashing lights, and no one can forget that either.

His youngest son involved in a likely drunk driving accident leaving Arrowhead Stadium, an accident that has left a 5-year old comatose and a 4-year old with serious injuries.

The youngest son has a history of substance abuse.

And the family history is haunting too.  Reid’s oldest son died in a Philadelphia Eagles training camp dormitory of a drug overdose while on Reid’s coaching staff.

The greatest moment of Reid’s life has been offset by the tragic moments he has to live with this day going forward.

A closer look at the word ‘responsibility’, and where Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs fit into all this.

The facts are the facts.

Britt Reid’s history.  Bloodshot eyes.  Slurred speech.  Failed sobriety tests.  Admittance he had at least 3-drinks that evening while at Arrowhead Stadium.

The Chiefs have said their ‘heart is bleeding’ over the incident.  They have yet to reach out to the victims.

Words like culpability, tolerance, blame will now be part of the conversation around the Chiefs, replacing words like pass rush, penalties and big plays.  Add to it, the key word, responsibility.  The franchise, the owner, the coach, the father, and his troubled son.

Losing the Super Bowl seems to un-important this day considering the potential loss of life back in Kansas City.

Andy Reid’s life may be forever changed.  Not haunted by what Tom Brady did, but what both of his sons have now done.



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