1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Tuesday. “College Basketball–A Real Crisis”

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“College Basketball–A Crisis”

March Madness will leave us alot of memories.

The signature game that Gonzaga-UCLA matchup.
The signature storyline-Baylor’s bashing of Gonzaga in the finals.

And now we have to deal with this mess, the NCAA Transfer Portal.

In an era of lawsuits and players rights, the NCAA has been forced to rework its rules about ‘amateurism’.  The shifting landscape has been staggering.

Players rights to file for the NBA draft and then withdraw their name

Increased player cost of living stipends.

Lawsuits giving players the right to market their image to make money.

Graduate transfer rules-allowing players to move without sitting out a year.

The transfer portal allowing players to transfer without sitting out a year.

It’s chaos. It’s a mess.

There are only 60-slots in the NBA draft (2-rounds) and there are anywhere from 70-to-110 college players who annually file for the draft, and that does not include those from abroad who seek their opportunity.

The NCAA is trying to rethink the 1-and-done rule, whereby players go to school for 1-year, take one term of classes, stop going to class once the tournament is over, and opt out-drop out.  So much for the term ‘student-athlete’.

The emergence of the NBA-G League and the Ignite-Elite team-giving high school players the chance to bypass college, sign in the minor league with hopes they can improve their game and get drafted the following year.

The transfer portal, allowing players to enter their name, seek the right to transfer from one school to another, without sitting out a year.

In essence by allowing its creation, the NCAA has sanctioned college basketball free agency.  Bet there isn’t some tampering going on.

As of Monday there were 1122-players in the transfer portal..from the 320-Division 1-schools in the country.

How bad has it gotten.  The top 7-recruits at Cincinnati, all filed, in a dispute with an abusive coach, John Brannen, who was just fired.

Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim was shocked this past weekend, when 10 of his players entered the portal to seek a better opportunity.  What can be better in a nationally ranked Orange program playing infront of 35,000 at the Carrier Dome.

Kentucky, reeling under a sub-500 season, not only loses 1-and-done players, it is now losing transfers who want to go elsewhere.  Imagine that, not wanting to play at UK and at Adolph Rupp Arena.

I want to leave because I didn’t get enough playing time.  I want out because I no longer like the coach.  They fired my coach so I want to leave.  We didn’t win and I want to go somewhere else.

On top of all this you have the coaching firings, the probations, the Adidas Slush Fund scandal at as many as 13-schools.  Its victims include 309-wins coach Sean Miller at Arizona.

It’s a nightmare.  It’s became an oil spill on fire.

It’s the NCAA’s fault and it’s ruining the game.  And the NBA, they don’t seem to care.  College hoops is its pipeline.  They don’t care about Duke or William & Mary, Louisville or Eastern Washington.

They should be concerned about the quality of play in the Association, where Dream Teams rule, players run the leagues, and there are 5-really good franchises and too many Sacramento’s and Charlotte’s.

Basketball is an absolute disaster, March Madness or the NBA finals not withstanding.

It’s about the money, false hopes, shattered dreams.  It’s too many players leaving school with nothing to show for it when they don’t get drafted or get cut.

No one tells them about playing in Sioux Falls or Costa Mesa, the Philippines, China or God knows where.  And when their careers end, because there’s always someone to replace them, they have nothing.

Everybody has become a mercenary and the game is on the brink of collapse, from quality of play to well being of the player.

A crisis no one is paying attention too…too bad.


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