1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “DENVER BRONCOS = DISASTER”

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The Broncos, once upon a time, had John Elway.
Then they traded for Peyton Manning.
Those QBs led them to Super Bowls, dominance at home, and brilliant offenses.

Oh how times have changed.

The Broncos blew up the bridge to what they hoped would be a road back to better days in the AFC-West and the NFL.

They traded for, signed, lost-with, and have now released Russell Wilson.

Yes the once star studded Seattle quarterback, who walked into a really bad situation and played worse over a two year span, is headed to free agency

His roster ripped by injuries two years in a row.  He was saddled by a poor choice as head coach Nathaniel Hackett.  Then he crossed paths with Sean Payton who showed no patience at all and wound up benching him.

You make a mistake on a quarterback acquisition, you set your franchise way back.  Failing in the draft atop the board kills your franchise.  See the history of Ryan Leaf-Chargers or J’Marcus Russell-Raiders.

But when you trade for a QB-the damage is even worse.

The Broncos grossly overpaid to get an aging Wilson from Seattle.
Denver gave the Seahawks two first round picks, two second round picks, plus young QB-Drew Lock and two other players who became starters.  An extraordinary price tag for a 32-year old QB whose production had dropped.

Then they compounded the extensive price, by giving up an extension worth (242M) before he ever played a game wearing Orange.

Now they have cut him, releasing him, but having to pay the (39.7M) salary next year.  Just think, some QB-needy team can sign Wilson for a veteran 1M-salary and Denver pays the rest for whatever time he has left in the NFL.

Oh and that’s not all, because of NFL bookkeeping, the Broncos take a salary cap hit.  They will have (45M) in dead money this year and next, money they cannot use  to rebuild Sean Payton’s roster.  An all time cap hit of nearly (90M) over the next two seasons.

The Broncos went out and got Manning after Elway retired.  When Payton stepped aside, this franchise faltered.

Between Manning’s last TD pass and Russell Wilson’s first interception, the Broncos have gone thru Drew Lock, Brock Osweiler, Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch, Case Keenum, Joe Flacco, Ted Bridgewater, Brandon Allen, Brett Rypien and Jeff Driskel, hoping someone could step in and win games.

None of those 10-QBs did, and then Wilson did not either.

And now the Broncos, not only don’t have high picks, they don’t have cap space.

Once proud now pitiful, the Broncos have virtually no hope of winning in the next couple of years.

Denver = Disaster.


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