1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Tuesday “Dodgers–Feeling Blue”

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“Dodgers Baseball–Indeed Blue”


The season has not yet started, but the defending National League Champion, the NL West lynch-pin, have already suffered a loss.

Big money pitcher David Price, who came in the blockbuster Mookie Betts deal, is not going to pitch this season.  An ace on any other staff in the game, he was slotted to be the number 3-starter behind Clayton Kershaw and Walker Beuhler.

He cited health risks to his family for the reason to ‘opt out’…the biggest name to step away the first weekend of the Summer Training camp.

But you cannot discount all he did in his career, stretching from Tampa Bay to Boston, a (180-50) career record with a (3.31-ERA) heading to his age 35-season.  This is a big time guy in your rotation.

The Dodgers are still loaded.  They have said all the right things about Price.  They have great praise for the other Red Sox star in the deal Mookie Betts.

Manager Dave Roberts comments about his team and the covid situation:

..The expanded roster-we have great depth
..Players have responsibilities to do this right
..We have leaders-this is about the real world…about listening
..It’s a bigger job now with the responsibility
..We have enough time to get ready-these players are in game
..We had conversations about opt-outs…David Price was in those
..Is playing a good idea?  Yes.  Must be aware away from facility
..There will be positive tests-we all know that.
..A 60-game schedule-there is a sense of urgency-we want to win
..We will work in 3-different waves with our pitchers
..We are working with social distancing-field-training rooms-clubhouse
..None of our coaches have indicated they might opt out
..Kershaw-Beuhler-Stripling already built up to 50-pitches-3 weeks left

..I am a cancer survivor-I am at no greater risk.

And so LA thinks it’s ready.  Losing a David Price talent is a blow.  They more than anyone else can probably weather a blow like this.

But the Dodgers have to be ‘blue’ over losing a talent like that.


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