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So what are the Dodgers to do with troubled lefthander Julio Urias, the lefthanded phenom?

Not Urias on the mound, but Urias at home?

Another domestic abuse arrest, this one a felony, for a confrontation with his wife.  An incident at the LA Galaxy-Inter Miami-MLS game with Lionel Messi.

An 11pm arrest.  5-hours in jail.  Posting of bond right before 5am.

His second arrest in a 4-year span.  The first time he knocked down his then fiancee.  He was not charged.  But baseball investigated, and eventhough she did not want to post charges, he was suspended for 20-games in 2019.

He completed a 52-week counseling course and has not been in trouble since, till Sunday night.

This is a Dodgers team that came thru the disgrace that was Trevor Bauer, the allegations, the sexual misconduct lawsuit, and the history of Bauer’s interactions involving ‘rough sex’ with women in Cleveland and Columbus.

Bauer lost 37M in salary, was reinstated, and the Dodgers were forced to pay him 22M-in final year salary despite releasing him.

Bauer is trying to repair his image as a person, not so much as a pitcher, where he is a rock star with the Yokohama Bay Stars, and is (10-3) this summer in Japan.

The lawsuit filed by a San Diego woman, is going forward, so we have not heard the last of the court case or him.  I expect him to be back in MLB baseball next year.

Long ago and far away the Dodgers were forced to deal to with the drug habits that eventually wiped out the career of Steve Howe.

Now what happens at Dodgers Stadium, because Urias is a walk free agent, is front and center.  There is likely a big payday coming, because he is repped by agent Scott Boras.

You can’t argue with his career stats, (60-25) and a 3.11-ERA.  He went (27-10) combined in 2021-22.  This year, battling hamstring problems, he is (11-8) with a 4.60-ERA, but has given up 24-home runs in his 117 innings.

There won’t be any starts likely the rest of the regular season.  And his availability for the playoffs now is in doubt, because these things take time to investigate.

He won’t get off scott-free even if his wife elects not to seek assault charges against him, again.

If I were the Dodgers, this is too talented a pitcher to give up on.  They probably want to sign him.

But the facts will determine that.

Did Urias shove her?  Slap her? Choke her? Hurt her? Or just curse at her?  But why does he remain and act this way in an explosive relationship?

The other issue, and the Dodgers should do an ‘intervention’.  Does this player have an alcohol abuse issue, that may in turn trigger these confrontations.

Don’t care what the agent may say.  Don’t want to hear from the union either.

This is a serious second incident and it’s a felony.

Let the facts come front and center before people jump on and off his band-wagon.  But this is trouble.  The Dodgers need to be proactive once the police report is given to them.

Call him stupid.  An idiot.  A troubled man.  You can call him a pitching ace, but you must also call him an abuser, and that goes on his stats sheet too.


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