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At first glance of the story, you did not know who to believe, Dodgers star Shohei Ohtani or his Personal Aid Ippe Muzikara.

You know, the gambling addiction, the payoff of 4.5M to an illegal bookie in Orange County.

The ever shifting story of what was a gift, what was a loan from player to friend.

Now the story has shifted again, with Ohtani’s 16-minute press statement to a jam packed media on Monday.

Ohtani delivered a strong message in 2-languages.  It came in like a 101 mph fastball when he pitched; it left the yard with an exit velocity of a 107mph home run onto the Pavilion.

While the Dodgers 700M man was delivering a strong message, the man who started this has gone underground, his trail of lies left behind.l

Yes, so many unanswered questions, but that will be detailed when MLB and the IRS completes what will be a long-long investigation.

Here’s what Ohtani said:

..Sad-Shocked-Someone I Trusted would do this
..I never bet on baseball nor on any sport
..Never bet with a Bookmaker
..Never asked anyone to place a bet for me
..Ippe Mizuhara lied and stole money from my accounts
..I did not know of his gambling addictions and debtgs
..I never agreed to pay his debts to a bookmaker
..Ippe used my accounts to pay a bookie
..Ippe never told me about a media interview
..Ippe said it was to pay off debts-not gambling debts
..Everything he said was a complete lie
..Did not know about his gambling till a clubhouse meeting
..I am beyond shocked
..I will cooperate in all investigations.

There are lots more questions to be answered.

Muzikara lied to the Angels about having worked with the Red Sox
Lied about his education
Is being investigated for what he did or did not do with Nippon Ham Fighters?.
Did he have gambling debts in Japan?

Did he have pass word¬†access to Ohtani’s accounts?
Did he access Ohtani’s Charity Fund accounts to pilfer money?
Did he lie to the Dodgers star about failed business transaction debts?
Did Ohtani allow him access to money to pay bills-make investments?

We’re not done with this story.
MLB is just getting started and now the IRS is involved too.

But for 16-minutes on a Monday, it was an impressive display of emotion and honesty by the Japanese pitcher, who has always been distant from his team and teammates when he is not in the stadium.

Truth-Lies..more to be found out.


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