1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Dodgers-Yankees-Win Games-Win the Day”

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“Dodgers Blue Bronx Bombers-Win the Day”


Should we just fast forward now to the World Series, and have the Yankees lineup against the Dodgers?

The aftermath of the trading deadline saw the two teams with the highest payroll, get better. When they got done at the deadline, there were 33-trades in all, triggered by what the Cubs-Washington and Astros did.

But nobody did more, without giving away the store, to stay where they are, in first place than what happened at Dodgers Stadium and Yankees Stadium.

The rich get richer, because they have the biggest budgets, have spent more on international free agents and have done well in the draft.

The Yankees got the A’s ace Sonny Gray, though it cost them their top minor league pitcher James Kaprelian plus hot young outfielder Dustin Fowler, both of whom are recovering from season ending surgeries.

Gray is under Yankees control another two years, and the Yankees will be bidding farewell to CC Sabathia’s hefty contract among others this off season.

It is a win-win for New York.

The Dodgers went out and got 3-arms,. headlined by Texas ace Yu Darvish. He’s headed to free agency at the end of the year, but LA has such a rich tradition with Japanese players, and pays the big buck, why wouldn’t they bid to keep him rather than using him as a short term rentals.

Yes LA gave up bright young minor league 2nd baseman Willie Calhoun, and 2-Class A players as well, but the Blue farm system in loaded.

They also added lefthanded relievers Tony Watson of the Pirates and Tony Cingraini of the Reds, without losing key minor league prospects.

The Dodgers wake up this morning now with 7-starting pitchers, headlined by Clayton Kershaw, once they get him back healthy. Granted some of those other arms are in a continual fight with injury issuses.

But at the end of the day, the talent laden Yankees got a gem of a starter and held onto most of their great young bats in their system.

And the Dodgers got 3-pitchers, and didn’t have to give up Yasiel Puig…pitcher Walker Beuhler..pitcher Julio Urias…outfielder Alex Verdugo of young live arm Yadier Alvarez.

What the Dodgers are doing on the field has been so impressive. What the Dodgers front office just did was magnificent, winning trading deadline day.


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