1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Tuesday. “Election Day–Keeping Score at Home”

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“Election Day–Keeping Score at Home”


The most important election of our life-time?  The most important decision since the years of the Depression and the onset of World War II?

People at the polls today will make a final decision on Trump-vs-Biden.  Or maybe it is America-vs-Trump.

They have voted in record numbers in advance via Mail In ballots and drop off boxes.

The sun comes up this Election Day morning with the nation in the grips of an unrelenting global pandemic.  The death toll climbing to 230,000 by the end of the week.

A nation reeling with Civil unrest in a long hot summer of racial violence and protests.

A choke hold unemployment rate, record setting bankruptcies, and a fear America may not come back to the jobs lost for years to come.

Natural disasters ravaging our nation from violent fires, hurricanes and blizzards.  The toll on human suffering is never ending by climate change around the globe.

And in the midst of all this, President Trump continues to wage war on his opponent, on Democrats, on governors, on the media.

Voted in four years ago, I viewed him as a “Reality Show TV President”.  He promised to change everything.  He brought out the anger in an American society tired of politics in Washington.

For every step forward came multiple steps back.  For every name hire, there came a series of firings and dismissals.

For every issue there was a corresponding critical tweet.

For every statement there was constant ‘fact-checking’ that proved truth was somewhere else.

As time went on, I became appalled at the lack of dignity shown by the White House leader.  Things said, actions taken, blame game assigned.

And then the Virus-Crisis struck.

I’ve been keeping score at home, and want you to look at the list that follows of what the President said, did, meant, blamed.

And when you are done, you tell me whether this has been a good four year run?  Has this been the kind of leadership you expected?  Is there an accountability bill that will likely be paid by the time we get to late evening.

Trump’s scorecard:


Covid nothing to worry about.
It’s only five cases…be down to 1-case next week.
We have it under control.
Hot weather will kill it
Winter weather will freeze it
It’s the Flu
China Flu
Kung Flu
Everyone can get a test
Facemasks are over-rated
I won’t wear a facemask
It’s an individual choice.
We should slow down testing-that’s why numbers are up
I did not tell anyone-did not want them to panic
This will go away
Risk to Americans is very low
Very little problem in our country
End of pandemic in sight
Open the churches for Easter
Vaccine just around the corner by November 3rd maybe
Rounding the corner
Covid-not let it take over your life
Don’t let it dominate your life
Media has manufactured the story about covid to get me
Covid-Covid-Covid-comedy club act
November 4th-no one will be talking about Covid-election is over
Liberate-not Mitigate
Doctors reported Covid deaths to make more money
Governors it’s up to you to come up with a plan
NFL is dead

So much for America’s sport
NBA players fortunate can take the night off get paid
It’s not my fault
I am not responsible
Anthony Fauci is an idiot
Jared Kushner is a smart man
Fauci has been wrong alot
I got well-I am immune
I have done more for Black Americans than any president
I am ‘Law & Order President’
‘Loot & Shoot’
They will be met with fire and fury
There are good people on both sides-Charlottesville
Stand down and Stand By
Mexico will pay for the wall
We will start sending people back day I take office
John Lewis-never met the man
Nancy Pelosi wants to be president
Elizabeth Warren-Pocohontas
Bernie Sanders is socialist-communist
Historical election fraud coming

Mail in ballots will be tampered with
Hillary-put her in jail
Michigan governor-put her in jail
Sleepy Joe Biden
Hunter Biden frauds
Biden 47-years political fraud
It is what it is

Fake Media

It’s all a hoax


Insulting John McCain…war heroes don’t get captured.
Suckers and losers…veterans who gave their lives
Gold Star family event may have given us Covid
Attack Muslims
Children in cages at the border
Mexican rapists and drug dealers coming to US
DACA-dreamers children should leave
Presidential Pardons-my rights
Supreme Court judge nomination-my responsibility
Remove Obamacare
Medal of Honors to friends
World Health Organization War
CDC mixed messages
CDC Director mis-spoke
Obama’s birthplace
Muller investigation
John Bolton book
Marie Trump book
Dr Atlas qualifications
FBI firings
Michael Cohen
Steve Bannon
Roger Stone
Paul Manaforte
John Kelly
James Mattis
Michael Flynn
HR McMaster
John Allen
Mike Mullen
Richard Myers
Martin Dempsey
Will Perry
William McRaven
Leon Panetta
William Barr
Putin influence
China interference
Stormy Daniels
Jeffrey Epstein
North Korea’s President
Baltimore rat infested city
New York City is empty-hollow-shell of itself
Sell Puerto Rico
9-11 Victims Fund
Lindsay Graham
Mitch McConnell
Dumpster Fire-1st Debate
Colin Kaepernick

Black Lives Matter Boulevard



Helicopter Ride to Walter Reed Hospital
Ripping Mask off on steps of White House
SUV Ride-Photo Op
Liberty Park Troops-Tanks-National Guard
Bible Photo Op outside Church
Children in cages at border


The White House…where once upon a time, words like loyalty-respect-honesty-integrity-moral fiber-intelligence were all part of the job.

You held the position of President with reverence for all it has meant since the days of Washington-Jefferson-Lincoln.

In the toughest of times, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, JFK, Eisenhower rallied America thru its toughest times.

Donald Trump’s ‘America’ is about hate, divisiveness and deaths.  It’s fires, riots, anger.

It’s about him, not about the death toll, nor unemployment.

It’s stalled stimulus bills in his Republican house as America’s workforce suffers.

It’s lies, half-truths, mis-statements, and lack of intelligence.

There is no moral compass, for this is how he has acted his entire life.

When night falls after the daylong elections, maybe America calls for a change.

When the sun come up on Wednesday, Trump, for all he said, all he did, all those he mis-treated, will have a bill come due.

Maybe the next time federal troops will be seen in Washington, will be when he is forcibly removed from the White House.  Maybe the day after the next inauguration his wife sues him for divorce.  The day after that, he gets indicted for tax evasion.

Maybe his mail will be forwarded from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to some Federal Penitentiary.

I always wondered when people died and went to hell, would there forever be pain.  Maybe Richard Nixon’s corrupt career could tell us.  Maybe Donald Trump should consider what life after death for the hell he created will be like.

As the time went on, the incidents grew, the bodies on the government and military leaders left on the street-their careers ravaged, words kept coming to mind.  The man is a demagogue.  Deranged.  Unhinged. Narcissist.  Incompetent.

You vote for whom you want.

Just wanted to remind you what my scorecard looks like.

‘Make America Great Again’.

Sure.  Remove the cancer that is our leader in the White House.


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4 Responses to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Tuesday. “Election Day–Keeping Score at Home””

  1. Marc Simons says:

    Lee – Recommend that you stick to sports. Your political views are long winded and unwanted.

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      Everybody entitled to an opinion….
      America must have felt like I felt about the President and his track record.

  2. Steve Farle says:

    Very well written Hacksaw! Miss hearing you on the radio.

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      Felt I should write about election…
      Miss doing radio..but no jobs open..
      Do like writing only website..hope you will tell friends about it

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