1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Tuesday “FANS FORUM”

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FANS SURVEY…Asking questions, would like some answers from you.

MY PODCAST…Sorry could not do ‘Bonus’ podcast on Monday..had technical and travel issues working thru.  Hope to get new one up before end of the week.  If you have never seen it..dial it up on You Tube Channel-Lee Hacksaw Hamilton.

PODCAST UPDATE…Yeah we have followers…over 3100-subscribers on You Tube, better than 13,000-following on instagram among other social media platforms.  YOU A PODCAST LISTENER OF MINE?

WEBSITE..Don’t know how many of you sample my website.  It takes a ton of time to compile and write it daily.  Would be fascinated to know how many sample it.  It was an off shoot of the type of sports-talk shows on 690-1090.  DO YOU READ MY WEBSITE DAILY?

NEWSPAPERS…Don’t know about you but it is a very different sports section the San Diego Union-Tribune offers now with new sports editor.  The Sunday section is expanded with lots of game stories and notes columns.  Sadly the new management of the LA Times has changed its sports section to feature stories, not game stories or notes columns, something alot of us liked.  Don’t care about near full page pictures.  Want more content.  DO YOU READ THE LOCAL PAPERS?

SPORTSTALK RADIO…Something badly missing on San Diego Sports-Talk Radio…diversity of content, big name guests and callers input.  The Fan 97.3-has sold its soul to the Padres at the cost of ignoring a ton of NFL-College Football-NBA-NHL stories.  760-has little talent, and aside from Aztecs sports, gives you little reason to listen.  It’s just not sports-talk radio as we used to deliver.  DO YOU LISTENS MUCH?

LOCAL TV SPORTS ANCHORS…So many choices to watch on Fox 5, NBC 7, CBS 8, KUSI, and ABC 10.  Big issue, News Directors don’t give them much time on the air.  Why not?  Aside from the Prep Pigskin Report on KUSI, there is no longform sports content to speak of.  Stashing a lae ight sports report at 10:45pm on a couple of these stations, makes no sense.  YOU WATCH ANY LOCAL TV SPORTSCASTS?

BROADCAST TEAMS ON AIR….The Padres have put together an exceptional Radio-TV broadcast crews with personalities though sometimes too much cheerleading.  San Diego State has TV exposure as part of the MWC-TV contract but you have to search to find it. The Aztecs are on a big signal station, but no one listens since what fans they have see it on TV. The Gulls are televising 5-AHL games, but few and far between.  Sadly they have no radio broadcast partner-I think a critical mistake.  USD has no broadcast partner, not unusual considering small time programs in a major league city.  YOU WATCH GAMES ON TV OR LISTEN ON RADIO?

SATELLITE RADIO…It’s new, it’s different,  It’s popular and it covers everyting, including NFL-MLB-NBA-NHL channels plus Mad Dog Radio.  ANY OF YOU SUBSCRIBE TO SATELLITE CHANNELS?

There you have it, some questions.  I am looking for answers.  Like to hear what you think on my SURVEY.  Reach me thru the EMail address on my website.


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One Response to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Tuesday “FANS FORUM””

  1. Arthur John Uvaas says:

    I look forward to reading the website, everyday. I am disappointed when you take a few days off. Don’t have the time to watch all of the podcast. Your co-host stinks.
    Since I live in the Riverside area and continue to work at night, I listen to Aztecs’ football and basketball on AM-760: KGB, with long-time broadcaster: Ted Leitner. I am a die-hard UCLA Bruins’ fan. Josh Lewin is Harry Hysterical. Wish I could buy a newspaper to buy and read. Only see the local Temecula throw-away at Rite-Aid. If you don’t subscribe on-line or for a hard copy for any of these Southern California papers, you’re out of luck.

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