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Super Bowl week has begun, heading towards the Chiefs and 49ers on Sunday.

The playoffs have been spectacular.  The TV ratings have rocketed.  The NFL is getting so much publicity around their ‘Power Couple’..Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift.

But these are uneasy times on Park Avenue for the NFL for Commissioner Roger Goodell.

He was bombarded by questions in his ‘State of the NFL’ Media press conference.

Topics included the on-going Concussion lawsuits and denials made to players who have CTE issues.  Goodell’s declaration of war on the media over its reporting.  The relationship between the NFL and gambling.  The NFL-taking games, including a playoff game, to streaming.  Coaching hirings and NFL diversity or lack there-of.

Quotes from Goodell’s meeting with the Media.

Commissioner Roger Goodell-Super Bowl Press Conference:

..I do not see the NFL Streaming the Super Bowl in my lifetime
..90% of our games are on free TV
..Playoff game on Peacock..We need to take our games to younger audience
..We understand the media landscape
..Streaming is where younger viewers are
..Our Peacock-Amazon-You Tube deals have been a success
..We think 200M will watch the Super Bowl

..NFL Network..Criticism of Zero blacks in management is not correct
..51% of league employees are people of color or women

..NF- vs-Media…we want accurate reporting on concussions
..Understand we are making the game safer
..We are learning from our research
..We have changed the rules-changed our culture

..Gambling-NFL..working with our partners about gambling addictions
..We work constantly-there are no outside influences to our games
..Our integrity in games is utmost importance
..25-team employees have been terminated by clubs for gambling
..13-players have been suspended for gambling

..Officiating-we strive for consistency-have tools to help them
..Refs have to make quick decisions-we help get it right

..Injuries…Practice habits..off season training-different NFL now
..Decrease by 700-man games lost to injuries because of new training rules
..Introduce 8-new helmets for different position players this year
..Guardian Caps have reduced training cap concussions by 50%
..Concussions in season remain static-no increases
..Hamstrings-ACL injuries are down again

..Players-Voices..We want players involved in our communities
..Players have given me perspective
..Our NFL Vote campaign has been important

..NFL Diversity..36% Broncos ownerships are minorities
..Washington Commanders..5-different owners are people of color

..Patriots did not skirt the Rooney Rule-they hired Jared Mayo a year ago
..Bill Belichick may not coach-he will be involved in the NFL..extraordinary man

..Taylor Swift..she is a dynamo..bringing new people into our game..
..Everyone who follows her is interested in what she does..and now it’s NFL

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