1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday. “HACKSAW’S PODCAST”

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Hacksaw’s Monday-Bonus Podcast
You Tube Channel-Lee Hacksaw Hamilton



This has become fun.
I never thought it would turn out this way.

I loved doing sports-talk radio..talking to the fans.chasing down guests.

Now I have arrived in the Podcast World and I have found it pretty unique to be paired with a hard-core sports fan like my co-host, John Riley, with his ‘out of left field’ opinion.

Granted it is not a 4-hour talk show like it was in afternoon drivetime on XTRA 690 or the Morning Show as it once was on the Mighty 1090j.

But it’s hot topics, lots of opinions, added in graphics, and then Fan’s Forum where we give the followers-viewers a chance to interact, express their opinions, and get our answers.

Lots of work but this work is a ‘Labor of Love’ for our team.

Watch this weeks ‘Monday Bonus Podcast’. ¬†Would love to hear what you think. ¬†Reach me on the Email link on my website…www.leehacksawhamilton.com

Enjoy Monday’s show..we covered alot of ground


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