1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday. “LAKERS–A LOSS”

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The Lakers took their best shot.
The coaching candidate from U-Conn listened and exchanged ideas.

Dan Hurley elected to stay with his college job, rejecting a record (6Y-70M) contract.

They exchanged views, philosophies, talked rosters, examined how they would approach coaching a team of big stars, and how they would install a very different defense.

Hurley returned home, walked the campus in the dark, and elected to stay.

When I heard the word ‘explore’ leading into the 6-hour Friday meeting, I was not sure Hurley was going to leave the college ranks.  Explore his style vs what coaching in the NBA would be all about.

For the Lakers, this had to be more than just about his coaching record with the Huskies.  It also had to be how he would handle big money stars, the likes of LeBrion James and Anthony Davis, players like that who run the NBA.

Hurley’s reputation is coaching players into roles to win.  It’s about teaching a tough as nails defense.  It also entailed an ‘in your face’ approach to coaching, and you wonder if that might be a deterrent to success?  How today’s big money-big talent-big ego stars would handle someone in their face?

This is not the era of Red Auerbach or Hubie Brown any longer.

So where do the Lakers go next?

There is another surprise name out there, via their consultant.  Mike Krzyzewski linked them to Dan Hurley.

Next stop, Coach K introduces them to another state of the art intelligent basketball mind.  Meet Jay Wright, ex of Villanova, with a pretty attractive resume too.

Maybe a ‘Dan Hurley-Lite’ coaching philosophy.

The Lakers are not done.  Losing out on one does not mean ‘one and done’.

Lakers fans-stay tuned.


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