1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Lakers-Blame Game”

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“Lakers-Blame Game”



You tell me how are they going to fix this mess, Lakers basketball, headed in the wrong direction, with age and injuries, no cap space and no first round draft picks.


The Lakers are going in the wrong direction as a franchise, as a talent base, as a team.


Bad injuries, bad chemistry, bad attitudes and bad decisions by the front office.


LeBron James and his agent Rich Paul, carry too much clout.

Rob Pelinka, the GM, made bad trades.

Coach Frank Vogel paid the price, getting fired after a (33-49) season.

So many problems in Lakeland.  The top three players make a combined 130M in salary.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis have suffered a combined 11-injuries over the last two years.

The team’s key acquisition Russell Westbrook is a shell of the player who lit up the league in Oklahoma City.

The front office traded away role players, who made a difference, is Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kozma, Kantavious Caldwell-Pope, Dennis Schroeder, Rajon Rondo, Alex Caruso and more.

They have also dealt away all their first round draft picks till 2027.

The season became square pegs-round holes and no accountability.

Peelinka stood not he firing line on Monday after he fired the coach.

Jerry Buss must be turning in his grave with what is left of the franchise.

Highlites from Pelinka’s press gathering.

And the question, how do you fix this?

Lakers-GM Rob Pelinka
..This was a disappointing season at every level
..Our fans expect and demand more
..Players need to play at highest level
..Front office needs to construct a better roster
..Coaches need to hold players accountable
..Work starts today to reconstruct this roster
..We have been in this place before
..Accountability-We are not going to finger point
..We need a fresh voice and a new leader
..Every coaching candidate is unique with skillset
..What this teams needs is a strong voice-inspire these superstars
..There must be accountability for each player..superstar to 15th man
..This will be a methodical process to interview candidates
..Want someone in place as head coach by the draft
..Our roster did not work-we did not have season we expected
..The new coach will be included in how to make roster work together
..There has to be a strong alignment between the coach and GM
..Learn to build rosters-building around LeBron-AD is unique
..LeBron James is on Mt-Rushmore basketball
..We need to be caretakers of his legacy by getting top players with him
..We must address certain areas of our roster this off season
..We will get better on multiple fronts
..In 2018 we put our heads together and built a good team
..We will do an autopsy of what worked and did not work
..LeBron input-at end of the day-I take input from LeBron-AD..my decision
..Our dialogue with our captains is op[en and is important
..Lakers franchise most respected around the globe
..LeBron played at his highest level-he is highly motivated-elite level
..How he played is ‘jaw dropping’
..Must take next weeks-take emotions out of decisions
..We will not have a disappointing season next year
..We will have a measured plan to fix what is wrong-we will listen to players
..Russell Westbrook is a Hall of Fame player who gave us all he could
..We will look under every stone to find the best players
..Basketball chemistry can be an elusive concept-have to see if players jell
..We are in a results business-not an excus business-but injuries wrecked us
..A chemistry players willing to work hard together-is our north star
..The calculus for the Lakers-win a championship or not-we failed
..We don’t give out Gold stars or atta boys
..We will give alot of focus to chemistry
..Partnership with LeBron has been gold standard-our talks meaningful
..LeBron sees the Lakers as his home-long term home



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