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The 2nd round of the NBA playoffs have started and they will be shootouts.

Indiana-vs-Knicks..How about Pascal Siakam and Jalen Brunson.
Cleveland-vs-Boston..That’s Donovan Mittchell vs Jaylen Brown
Oklahoma City-vs-Dallas..Shai Gilegous Alexander vs Kyrie Irving
Minnesota-vs-Denver..Nikola Jokic against Anthony Edwards

But for the teams out here, the Lakers and Clippers, the season is over and the off season of critical decisions has begun.  And the outcomes will be controversial and have great impact on what these teams look like in the future

LAKERS..Going to hire their 4th coach in the era of GM-Rob Pelinka.  Do they go get a hard driver like ex Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer?  Do they get a younger coach like Scott Brooks?  Is there some first time candidate like JJ Riddick they would trust because of past relatiohships.  Not everyone agrees with the ax job on Darvin Ham and his 4-assistants.

KING JAMES..So many layers to discuss here.  LeBron can opt out of his (51M)( final year and become a free agent, or at least get a 3Y-extension.  The bigger question, have we seen enough of LeBron and his off court influence.in player personnel decisions?  And are the Lakers being pressured to draft Bronny James, he of 4-points a game productivity from USC?

ROB PELINKA….He has brought in 33-veteran players from other teams over four years, the Carmelo Anthony-Russell Westbrtooks of the world without success.  He has traded 4-first round picks and 6-second round choices, all so they could be a play in team in the NBA postseason?  When does he get held accountable?

D’ANGELO RUSSELL…An explosive season, a fade job in the post season and then him talking about his impending opt-out free agency in the off season.  Thinking of himself when his team is blowing leads and not beating the Denver Nuggets in games they led in.  Nice priorities.

BENCH…Get beyond the 7th player on the roster, the rest should be cleared out but how do you get difference makers when you have failed over the last four years?  They need Bobby Portis-Draymond Green personalities.  Would that make a difference, I think so?

JEANNIE BUSS…Since Phil Jackson left 14-years ago, the Lakers have gone thru 7-coaches, now they are search for the 8th head coach.  Bigger question, why the continued failed decisions of Buss’s hiring committees?  It is a big issue.

Stay tuned, alot of work to be done for the Lakers.




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