1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Lakers-The Nation is Watching”

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“Lakers-The Nation is Watching”


The entire country is watching.  So are the people sitting in the 2600-dollar per seat courtside.

I don’t think anyone could have imagined the Lakers being in the place they are in at this hour.  1-more win away from eliminating Golden State, just four wins away from getting to the NBA finals.

The Lakers roared from behind, a 12-point deficit, then a 7-point pothole in coming back to whack the Warriors.

It’s just not Anthony Davis and LeBron James, it’s somebody else coming to the rescue.  Such the case on Monday night, when Lonnie Walker, MIA most of the playoffs, comes off the bench, pours home 4-long jumpers, and rifles home 15-points in all in the fourth quarter, and voila another Lakers win.

They survived a triple double from Steph Curry, a (31-10-14) outing.

But they were also the recipient of a typical night of Warriors basketball, bad decision on launching threes, tons of turnovers and one always wondering why the Warriors do what they do when they have the lead and could bleed the clock.

It’s been a chaotic series, of body banging, hard fouls, spectacular block shots and lots of belly aching about the refs calls.  Did you know Draymond Green has never committed a foul  in this series?

This Lakers team has shown us flashes from everybody, which is why they are positioned to push this thing to the limit, like the NBA finals.

Go figure how people like Jared Vanderbilt or Rui Hachimura or Austin Reaves can show up on an odd night and do what they do.  Now add Lonnie Walker to that list.

So they head off to San Francisco again, where the Warriors face the prospect of having to win 3-straight against this   mixed bag of firepower and fury.

All this from a Lakers team that scuffled to just get into the play in game.  And look where they are now, knocking on the door that could take them to the NBA finals.

Yes the survivor of Denver-Phoenix series is out there waiting when LA knocks out Golden State.

Don’t think you can doubt anything from the Purple & Gold,  a team that was not constructed till the Trade Deadline in mid winter, and didn’t really find itself till late in the season and was reborn in the Memphis Grizzlies series.

Lakers fans are going crazy.  So are the TV viewers, with this series having viewership of 7.4, 7.2, 7.1 million in games so far in the series.

Hard to believe what we are seeing.  Let it continue, see how far it goes.  I think maybe the NBA finals.






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