1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday. “LAKERS-YOU KIDDING ME?”

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You may be rich, there may be alot of banners hanging from the arena rafters, you have 2-superstars under contract.

But are you really going to do this, go ahead an interview a member of the media for your vacant head coaching job.

A team with roster-chemistry and injury problems, has become a turnstile of coaching candidates, hired-fired, you know, ‘wash-rinse-spin dry’

Oh I will grant you a piece of Lakers history, they hired Pat Riley to be head coach, taking him off the TV telecasts, but this was Pat Riley, longtime player, former assistant coach became a successful head coach, and beyond that a legendary GM.

So now the Lakers, under the direction of Jeannie Buss, the advice of former player Kurt Rambis and with underperforming GM-Rob Pelinka want to interview this guy.

This guy is JJ Redick, a former NBA guard, who is now a working media member.  Sure he’s played the game, knows the game, and the players in the game.

But, and it’s been a big But…he’s never coached anywhere.  Not a head coach anytime-anywhere.  Not someone’s assistant.  Not a high school coach.  Not a CYO coach.

How does he merit an interview, consideration?  Because he does NBA podcasts with LeBron James?

Please tell me LeBron isn’t driving this interview.  We have evidence that LeBron has influenced player deals.

You know some of the 33-players Pelinka has imported in four years, trying to find the right support talent for King James and Anthony Davis.  Has any of that influence worked out?

The Lakers have a tough call to make.  There are qualified candidates, 15-year veteran guard Sam Cassell-who is now a trusted assistant.  Ken Atkinson, highly regarded Golden State assistant who was a head coach in Brooklyn.  There are hot assistants in Denver-Dallas-Minnesota too.

The decision, hire a retread?  Hire a hot untested assistant?  Run the risk of getting a young coach that LeBron will walk all over.  Hire a veteran and roll outb barbed wire for what will follow, veteran players going against the new coach.

But JJ Redick, an ESPN TV guy.  JJ-LeBron’s media buddy.  Please.

Hell maybe I am qualified to coach the Lakers.  My experience level in the media is greater than his.  And I even know I’m not qualified.

Jeannie Buss and front office friends.  Lakers basketball has become a boondoggle as time ticks off on King James-and-AD’s career.

Lakers fans need to take a stand on this mess.   This will be a mess if JJ Redick becomes head coach.


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