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Hacksaw’s BONUS Podcast…”Padres Mid Season Report Card”



‘MLB-Mid Season Report’=============

We are almost to the halfway point in major league baseball.

It has been a season of some surprises and major disappointments.

The surprises, the 54-win TAMPA BAY RAYS, still with the best record in baseball despite a series of injuries to their pitching staff.

The ORIOLES, bringing all their top draft picks up and virtually all holding their own.  And think about this, 47-wins in a fierce AL-East.

CINCINNATI, almost forced to bring everyone up because of injuries and authoring a 12-game winning streak with the kids, something not done since 1939.  Can they keep it up?

MIAMI has been building for years, and is in 2nd place this week in a very tough division.  Luis Arraez flirting with a .400-average and all the young arms are worth paying attention too.

ARIZONA, no one saw this coming, this 47-win season to date and they may make a trade for another pitcher to get them thru the second half..

Disappointments-lots of places, some because of injuries.

The METS top the payroll list,  north of (320M,) have lost chunks of their starting rotation with nagging injuries and their closer for the entire year.  They are calling for Buck Showalter’s head as manager.

The YANKEES have had a better team on the IL than on the roster for much of the spring into summer, starting with Giancarlo Stanton, now Aaron Judge plus a host of starting pitchers hurt.  Gerrit Cole, the only one who has stayed healthy.  Everyone in the division is above .500.

The DODGERS, in what was a transition year, have been chewed up by pitching injury problems.  If the young starters stabilize, they could still make a run.

The PADRES, with a huge payroll (253M),  despite all the things they have done on the mound  and on defense, have grossly underachieved , and have a big hole to climb out of, if they don’t get hitting the second half..

The CARDINALS, beset by a siege of injured outfielders and without any quality startihg pitchers have collapsed.

CLEVELAND hasn’t hit all year and the pitching has not been what it was last year.

And you wonder, with 3-wildcard postseason spots up for grabs, what will the trading deadline look like?  More deals? Fewer deals because more teams still think they are in the hunt?  A blockbuster trade-or would giving up a ton of prospects not be the right way to operate now?

Stay tuned-we’ll be writing about it going forward.


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