1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL–AWFUL”

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It was a win, it was ugly, it didn’t mean very much.

The Chargers defense choked the New York Jets to death in the (27-6) win in an ugly Monday Night game the entire nation had to witness.

A win is a win and this one evened their record to (4-4) with still alot of football left to be played.

Joey Bosa, Khalil Mack, and Tuli Tuapolutu combined for 6-of the 8-quarterback sacks against overwhelmed QB-Zach Wilson.

On the sidelines, Aaron Rodgers, recovering from that Achilles tear, is probably glad he does not have to play behind that Jets offensive line.

Wilson, the high first round pick three years ago, just looks lost.  Physical talents but not much ability to go thru progressions, nor throw accurately.  When can Rodgers get back?

The Jets defensive line played really hard, and should sue for divorce because of the ineptness of the Jets offense.

Coach Robert Saleh looked sick to his stomach, watching this fiasco, as his team reached the midway point of the season.

It was not much of a night for Bolts QB-Justin Herbert, who at one point was (10-20) throwing, took 5-sacks, got hit 13-times, and is probably glad he did not get hurt further.

Even though this was a victory Monday game for them, the Chargers issues remain.  Sacks allowed, hits on your gold standard QB, no power run game, and now without both Mike Williams and Josh Palmer, the Chargers better work hard to get some help for WR-Keenan Allen.

The pass coverage by linebackers is weak, there are still holes in coverage in the secondary.

Cam Dicker keeps hammering field goals, adding a 36-and-55 yarder on Monday night.

So it’s a win, but there are still 9-left on Brandon Staley’s schedule.  Next week, Detroit rolls in with a reputation of trying to make every game a gang fight.  Still on the schedule too, the NFL’s mean-street defense Baltimore, hi powered Buffalo, another matchup with the Chiefs.

Lots of bigger games to play, so you you take the win and move on.But they have to get better and you wonder if they can take the next step.

As for the Jets, woeful, pitiful, wasting a great defense.  It would be a horrible story but their fellow tenants at the Meadowlands, the Giants are even worse.

Dreadful football in the Big Apple.  Just think those teams have 9-more weeks of misery coming, and winter is coming too..

Monday Night Football, has to get better, because this one was not very good, not very watchable, at all.





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