1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Monday Night Football–Mayhem”

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‘Monday Night Football–Mayhem’


Did you get your money’s worth on Monday night.

The Seattle Seahawks won, though they should have lost.
Denver lost but the Broncos should have won.

It was wild from start (the crazy 12th man fans) right to the finish (botched timeout calls by rookie coach Nathaniel Hackett).  In between it was a party to behold in the Pacific Northwest.

The Broncos betrayed star quarterback Russell Wilson who was up to the challenge, this homecoming game infront of the Seahawks fans who adored him for years.

He did not wilt under the bedlam that was the noise level in the stadium.  He did not turn it over.  He never gave up despite all the mistakes his offensive line made.  Holding calls, procedure calls, delay of game calls.

Wilson deserved better than to have his rookie head coach stand on the sidelines, on a 4th down and 4-call, with 3-time outs in his pocket, not use them, run the clock down and see his kicker just pull a 64-yard attempt to the left.

Wilson deserved better than to have his running backs fumble twice at the Denver one going in for sure TD runs.

Wilson finished with 340-yards in the air, serving notice he’s got some real firewpowers on that team, led by the kid receivers Jerry Jeudy, KD Hansler and Courtney Sutton, plus s brigade of tight ends.

Seattle had a great first half, Geno Smith surprising everyone throwing the ball, but in the second half, he reverted to being panic-stricken and  and showing why he is a career backup.

The Seahawks need a better QB to compliment all their skill guys.  Who would not want people like Metcalf, Lockett, Penny, Homer , Fant to get the ball too.

There was something for everyone on the opening Monday game of the season.

Too bad someone had to lose, because it was the zenith of entertainment value capping off a wild first weekend of the season.


It was Monday Night Football mayhem.




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