1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “NBA All Star Game–What Was That”

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“All Star Games-Not What They’re Supposed to Be”


“All Star Games”

I guess if you like French Pastry, the NBA All Star is all about scoring and nothing else, it was alright..

If you wanted to see something of credibility, that was 3-hours of your life you will never get back.  You paid alot of money to be there, wasted alot of time to watch it on TV.

Recapping: the NBA East blew out the West (211-186).  Yes 211-points.

The East hit 42-3 point shots.  Guys were heaving shots from mid-court, even canned one.  There was no defense.  No attempt to really play.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was so incensed he didn’t congratulate the East when he gave them the trophy, just said East-you outscored the-West.

LeBron James said things had to change.  So did lifetime hoops junkie Larry Bird.

The national media panned the entire game.  So did the columnists.  The fans stayed there for the entire night, though after awhile you’d think you’d get sick of eating too much French pastry.

It’s a problem the NBA has, but so does the NFL and the NHL.  You’re asking these players to risk injury in a showboat All Star game, when they have the playoffs up-ahead and the real NBA championship trophy.

The NFL has gotten rid of its Pro Bowl, which had deteriorated into nothing more than pitch and catch ‘flag football’.

The NHL changed it’s All Star game because it was nothing more than slapshots and breakaways on goaltenders.

The MLB All Star game has color-pagentry-history and real effort still.

Someone said put a pot of big money up as the Grand Prize.  Why?

The NBA just did that, awarding 500,000 per player for the NBA Cup in November, they tried to hype, but was nothing more than a bunch of weekend games that only counted one win in the standings.

And why would anyone want to see LeBron James making (45M) this year earn another 500,000- to put in his pocket for something meaningless.

Do something, like donate all the prize money to Ukraine-Gaza relief if you want to do something special.

Once upon a time the concept was pretty cool, but that was before every network had games on most every night and on weekends.  Back then you could see Walt Frazier-Oscar Robertston-Jerry West, stars vs stars.  Now there are so many games to watch, you seem great matchups all the time.

Even the slam dunk contest and the 3-point shooting event have lost their luster.

The only thing worth watching on the weekend was Steph-vs-Sabrina, the NBA-WNBA 3-Point shootout.  That was fun.  Now they need to build on that stage.

The NBA has a problem now.  No one wants to watch this any longer.  Just like no one wants to see any NBA games that don’t involve the Super Power Teams.

Three hours of my life I won’t get back.  At least I did not pay to attend it.


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One Response to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “NBA All Star Game–What Was That””

  1. Anthony Bozanic says:

    You are 100% right Hacksaw. The NBA players were playing with willful disdain for the game. Maybe they can learn to play with a passion for the fundamentals and defense by watching international basketball.

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