1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “NBA-Can You Top That?”

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“NBA-Can You Top That”


So you thought last week was wild in the NBA? Wait till we get to this weekend.

We came thru a wild roller-coaster week in pro hoops. And we’re not done..

Jerry West is back in LA, overseeing the LA Clippers, a move that has sent shockwaves thru the hallways at the Staples Center. Look him to do some deals.

The Lonzo-LaVar Ball soap opera and the Lakers decision to take him atop the NBA draft.

You have a perennial loser, the 76ers, kings of tanking, trading up for the first pick of the draft, adding another gem to the treasures of all those other first round picks they;ve taken..

There was Boston continuing to stockpile draft picks in deals.

De’Angelo Russell, who was supposed to be one of the great building blocks in the NBA return to glory by the Lakers, was sent packing to Siberia (Brooklyn Nets)

You had Chicago dealing the face and heart of its Bulls team, Jimmy Butler, dealt away to Minnesota.

Good old Dwight Howard, the chronic unhappy center, has been dealt again, this time out of Atlanta onto Charlotte.

Then the weekend bulletin, where Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, both informed the LA Clippers, they were opting out to test the free agent market.

Now we fast forward to what is next, because the trade window is open.

Cleveland remains a place of unrest, with a 4th GM vacating in a 12-year span, despite going to the finals 3-years in a row under David Griffin’s leadership.

The Cavs are trying to deal with the rumor, LeBron James to opt out, by trying hard to find trade partners. Kevin Love could exit is some type of mega deal

Indiana is committed to moving high scoring, headed to free agency star, Paul George. He told them he would exit after the 2017-18 season, and they then said no you won’t we’re moving you now.

Houston and Denver say they will both bid on the Clippers impending free agents, wanting to do sign and trade deals.

San Antonio wants to move LaMarcus Aldridge, and has seen Pao Gasol already exit, and of course, all this opening cap space for Chris Paul.

Golden State’s great players say they are all going to take less to keep the band together, but Andre Iguodala wants 20M and might exit the champion team.

The Knicks dysfunction continues. They still have unhappy forward Kristaps Porzingas, and are still saddled with Carmelo Anthony’s contract and attitude. And Phil Jackson is till calling the shots, good bad or indifferent.

Down in Miami, Chris Bosh will exit the Heat but it remains to be seen if anyone will take a risky run at signing him , with that history of blood clots trailing him.

Utah has one star player, Gordon Hayward, and he is going on the market this weekend with possibilities he winds up in Boston.

Minnesota wants to move prized guard Ricky Rubio.

This could be the most volatile summer the NBA has ever seen. Next on the calendar, the July 1st window that opens for free agency, and sign and trade deals.

Can you top what we just saw last week? Stay tuned for the rest of this week, in the NBA.


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