1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday. “NBA Dream Teams–Do They Work?”

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“NBA–Dream Team”


Put all the stars on one team and let’s see how great they can become.

Everybody wants what the Chicago Bulls first pioneered…a ‘Dream Team’ concept…Michael Jordan-Scottie Pippen-Bill Cartwright-Derrick Rose and so much more.

The Miami Heat landed LeBron James to go with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosch.

Golden State combined Steph Curry and Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

It look the Lakers awhile to put all the pieces back together, and thus LeBron James and Anthony Davis won the NBA rings last season.

Houston tried hazard but melted down despite having James Harden..Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul in house.

The Clippers tried hard getting Chris Paul to work with Blake Griffin before breaking it all up.

Now they are trying again with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George as the leaders.

And now we look at the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday night, or rather correctly, the Clippers get a look at the Nets close up.

Brooklyn, wearing black and white, will send out this year’s version of a ‘Dream Team’, the high octane unit paced by Kevin Durant…Kyrie Irving and James Harden.

Since the Nets-Houston trade that decked Harden in Brooklyn colors, the team has roared out of the gate with a (6-3) record.

The statistics they are putting up are staggering.  Playing fast, shooting the ball, not worrying about defense.

What they’re earning is staggering too…Harden (41M)…Durant (37M)…Irving (31M).

Durant is averaging (30PPG)…Irving (27PPG)…Harden (26PPG)

In their last five games, Brooklyn has bombed away…scoring (128..132..137…146…147 points).  They are not heaving 3’s all night long either.

Granted it appears defense has become optional in the borough of Brooklyn right now.  They have also lost games giving up 147 and 149 points in the last week.

The Nets are averaging (122P)…shooting (49%) from the floor…and (40%) from the arc.  Fun for the fans to watch.

Here comes Kawhi Leonard and Paul George and the wild bunch off the bench.

Don’t know what you are doing on Tuesday night, but you might want to dial in the Clippers-Nets game from Brooklyn.

Wonder is someone might crack 150-points in this one.

Dream team?  Only time will tell if they can win in the NBA finals without defense, but this is the most entertaining offensive unit this side of the Golden State Warriors when they were doing it with Steph-Klay and all those shooters.

Watch them tonight against the Clippers.  Might look like ABA-basketball.


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