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“NBA OPENING NIGHT”====================

The NBA season starts on Tuesday night.

In language NBA fans can identify with, the NBA is all about “3-on-3”.

If you have 3-Super stars you are an NBA championship team and everyone else is just playing out the schedule.

A look at storylines with top teams:

LAKERS…They won the off season summer, and for the third year in a row, they  are trying to find the right mix around their stars.  You remember the Carmelo Anthony experiment, followed by the arrival of the Russell Westbrook pickup?  The trade deadline brought them Rui Hachimura and others.  Now you add Christian Wood-Taurean Prince-Gabe Vincent-Cam Reddish-Jaxson Hayes and fast developing G-Max Christie.  This looks like an interesting chemistry mix-wrapped around LeBron-AD-De Angelo Russell and Austin Reaves.

CLIPPERS..They are healthy, Kawhi Leonard-Paul George.  They played in every preseason game and held up.  They have 2-centers who pair together well.  Russell Wesbrook has accepted his new role.  Fascinated to see if Bones Hyland can lead the bench bunch scoring lots of points. Tyronne Lue carries great respect from his players.  Do they really need James Harden?  They look good if they can keep Kawhi and PG on the floor.

BOSTON…Here’s their version of 3-on-3…Jason Tatum-Jalen Brown-Kristaps Porzingas and the new add-on Jrue Holiday.  Beasts in the East.

BUCKS…That is Damian Lillard joining Giannis and Khris Middletwon.  They are right atop the standings  as a power franchise.

DENVER…They did it last year, won the trophy, so until somebody takes down Nikola Jokic-Jamall Murray-and Michael Porter-they are still the team to take out.

SUNS..Brad Beal joins Devin Booker-Kevin Durant and new post guy Josef Nurkic.  Interesting to see what they are like without DeAndre Ayton

GOLDEN STATE…Chris Paul’s role will be different but no doubt he can help Steph Curry-Klay Thompson-Draymond Green.  Keep an eye on fast developing Jon Kuminga.  Will there be fall off or will it be like other years, lots of wins

SAN ANTONIO…The losing ends this year with the debut of the French teenager Victor Wembanyama.

OKLAHOMA CITY…It took a year to get him on the floor-here comes big C-Chet Holmgren

MEMPHIS…No Ja Morant, no chance.  What terrible decisions he has made with his off-court life that has impaled his on-court career.

SACRAMENTO…They arrived last year, coach Mike Brown and his stars D’Aron Fox and Domantas Sabonis.  Can it grow?

DALLAS..Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving…is this going to fit?  Stay tuned.

MIAMI..They failed to get the deal done to get Lillard.  Same team back, now healthy, but will they have enough, they don’t look they can go 3-on-3

76ERS…So many different players have come and gone thru there, trying to find help for star Joel Embiid.  James Harden, the talent, has become toxic, so they have more problems to deal with.  This after the past Ben Simmons fiasco.  Players run the league.  Their players have ruined the team.

DETROIT..Lots of high draft picks, you think they will turn the corner and start to win  C-James Weisman and Marvin Bagley join Cade Cunningham and his young group of teammates, with this year’s high pick Ausar Thompson.  Maybe this is the year.

PORTLAND…Life after Dame Lillard begins.  They will be athletic.  They have Scootie Henderson and add DeAndre Ayton and Robert Williams.  A different team

MINNESOTA…Do they fit, Karl Anthony Towns-Rudy Gobert and Anthony Edwards.  Could be pretty explosive, but could implode too.

UTAH..Group of no names had a decent season last year and now you mix in ex Hawk-John Collins to Markinnen-Kessler-Horton Tucker-Clarkson  and others-could be a good team

NEW ORLEANS…Will Zion Williamson ever stay on the floor to see if he can be a star like Brandon Ingram

HOUSTON…Once a great franchise in the era of the Twin Towers and Clyde the Glide, they have been awful for a long time.  Here comes ex Celtic coach Ime Udoka, who should make a big impact in how they play.  Do they have enough.

NEW YORK KNICKS…Lots of individual talent  led by Julius Randle, but coach Tom Thibodeau has struggled to make it all fit.  And then you have crackpot owner James Dolan and his years of failure.

BROOKLYN NETS…Abject failure.  Look at the wreckage left behind by Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Kevin Durant.

INDIANA..CHARLOTTE..CHICAGO..WASHINGTON.. and the rest are just playing out the schedule.

A look at top NBA storylines as we prepare to watch ‘3-on-3 basketball.





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