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“NFL-Free Agency”

Ready-Set-Go..NFL Free Agency.

The Chargers are headed to free agency with alot of work ahead of them.

The excitement of the hire of Jim Harbaugh is now officially over and the real work has begun, with the combine in Indianapolis, then free agency, then the draft.

The NFL salary cap has rocketed to (255M), an all time.  The cap went up (30M) from last season, another all time one year increase.

The NFL financial ledger shows the Chargers still way above the salary cap, some (25.5M) over the cap.  That despite of the 30M-cap increase and the fact they just restricted the contract of soon to retire OC-Corey Linsley, saving them another 10M.

There are problems everywhere, including players not there any longer.  CB-JC Jackson, axed at midseason last year, still have a cap figure (21.2M) and he’s not there any longer.

How do they get below the cap?

Players exiting, buyouts, like oft-injured WR-Mike Williams, DT-Austin Johnson.  But when you buyout Williams (34.2M) cap figure, and Johnson (21M) cap figure, you pick up dead money that still goes against the cap.  Add that to the dead dollars Jackson accounts for, so you still save money by moving big paydays off the roster, but you don’t gave full space.

Khalil Mack’s great season means he stays with a cap figure (38.5) cap figure.  Joey Bosa, his career marred with nagging injuries, has missed 21-of-35 games over the last two seasons, drags a (36.1) cap figure into camp next year.

Star WR-Keenan Allen has a salary figure (34.7M) and won’t be cut.

So Harbaugh and his front office have to do some creative financing work that means veteran starters have to exit.

Austin Ekeler was told he won’t be offered a new deal, taking his (8,239APY-69TD) out the door after a fabulous 6-plus years of productivity.

The Chargers new Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman says his new team will run the ball, and that means you need a proven running back. Is that in free agency or via the draft?

The defense needs veteran talent, and that means a pay day to go get linebackers or corners. How do you do that some (25.5M) over the cap as of today?

They do draft 5-and-37 in the top two rounds.  What they need, offensive lineman, a defensive tackle and a tight end, will be plentiful in those two rounds.   The best order of business might be to trade back from the 5th slot,for a team that wants a shot at one of the top QBs, get a later opening round pick and add maybe another 2nd or 3rd round choice.

Decisions, decisions, an absolute ton of things to get accomplished.

The Chargers do have QB-Justin Herbert, but they now look to have alot less talent on this roster that the roster that opened the season last fall.

Jim Harbaugh talks a good game.  Now he and his newly minted front office have to find ways to fix everything wrong with the franchise.

Get ready-get set-go…solve the cap crisis and find the right draft picks and veteran free agents.


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