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“NFL-Holiday Notes”

The NFL schedule this holiday weekend said lots of things about lots of teams.

Statement games.
Shabby performances.

Some teams gave their fans Christmas presents.  Other teams got lumps of coal.

49ERS-RAVENS…Baltimore blasted the Niners.  It was either a statement game by Baltimore, or just a bad outing by the Niners, who have been blasting people all year long.  It was Lamar Jackson and the Ravens offense gashing San Francisco.  It was the Ravens defense crushing QB-Brock Purdy into 4-pass interceptions.  They might meet again in the Super Bowl, but two TDs in (:18) destroyed the SF persona they were invincible.

CHIEFS-RAIDERS…Who could see this coming?  The Chiefs on offense are not what they used to be.  The turnover at wide receiver has been bad.  The offensive line has not held up.  Patrick Mahomes is running for his life and turning the ball over-alot.  The Raiders play long on emotion, but short on talent, but interim coach Antonio Pearce has gotten them to playing on the edge.  Just think about it this way.  The Raiders QB-Aiden O’Connell did not complete a pass in the 2nd-3rd-4th quarters and yet the Raiders won.  The bigger problem is what Andy Reid’s team has become this year.

MIAMI-DALLAS…So which is the bigger question.  Dallas losing 2-in a row after a hot streak-are they in trouble?  Or is Miami’s offense unstoppable after what Tua-to-Tyreek did against the Cowboys defense?

EAGLES-GIANTS…The Philly losing streak is over, but the defense still does not look right at all.  They nearly let the talent-less Giants catch them.  But Jalen Hurts makes everything look right for the Green-White.

CHARGERS-BILLS…The Bolts played hard, but couldn’t hold a (10-0) lead and then the lead in the 4th quarter.  But that was against Josh Allen, who survived 3-turnovers and won.  It drives you crazy the Chargers could play Baltimore so tough 2-weeks ago, do the same against the talent-deep Bills, but play so poorly the rest of the year.

RAMS-SAINTS…What a coaching job by Sean McVay to get this team to (8-7) in what was supposed to be a rebuild year.  It’s Matthew Stafford, Kyran Williams, Puka Nacua catching passes.  It’s a young-improving offense line and a defensive back seven that plays hard.  The Rams are not where they will be in another year, but they are farther along than anyone thought possible.

PATRIOTS-BRONCOS…1-gritty win does not make up for a season of despair with New England’s offense.  Denver has dropped two in a row and early season problems have resurfaced again.

CHICAGO-ARIZONA…Somehow the Bears are playing better with Justin Fields, so much so they might save the coach’s job.  But this is misery in Phoenix for Kyler Murray and a rag-tag roster.

TAMPA BAY-JAGUARS…Baker Mayfield is pushing for a contract extension to stay in the Bay.  Jacksonville is faltering and QB-Trevor Lawrence has had 3-different injuries in 4-weeks.

CLEVELAND-HOUSTON..The amazing accomplishments of Joe Flacoo continue.  Guess having a veteran QB doing a good job behind a good offensive line helps alot.  Houston hopes to get CJ Strong back shortly to try and get a wildcard spot

GREEN BAY-CAROLINA…Jordan Love continues to put up good numbers.  The Panthers and Bryce Young are playing out the string without showing much that they have improved as the season has gone on.

JETS-WASHINGTON…Trevor Siemian-4th strong quarterback, wins a game for the Jets.  How bad are the Commanders?  Really bad.  It will cost Ron Rivera his job.

LIONS-VIKINGS..Detroit has 11-wins, some weeks with offense, sometimes with defense.  Minnesota loses close games, three times this season when they had a chance to win on the final drives, but did not.

SEATTLE-TITANS…What a lousy season for the once tough guy Titans.  Seattle just not a consistent team.

FALCONS-COLTS..Indy being (8-7) is an accomplishment.  Atlanta is trying to save Coach Arthur Smith’s head job.

STEELERS-BENGALS…Guess Jake Browning has come crashing back to earth with another turnover game..three more picks and lots of sacks.  Not sure what to make of 3rd stringer Mason Rudolph’s (299Y) passing outing but anything is better than what Pittsburgh fans have seen.

Two weeks to go, more big games coming, in what has been a wild football season.


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