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“News & Notes from Sidelines”


NFL-VS-COVID….Not winning this game.  Monday’s list of positive test players was a who’s who of talent.  The big deciding factor about how badly a team get’s damaged is whether the player was vaccinated.  If they got the shots, they can be reactivated as soon as they have 1-negative tests.  If they were unvaxxed, they sit 10-days and cannot get back on the field till back to back negative tests in days 9-and-10.

CHIEFS..Big issue with TE-Travis Kelce testing positive on Monday.  He might not be the only one coming out of the lockeroom with a dirty test.

CHARGERS…Setbacks for sure, especially since DE-Joey Bosa was unvaxxed.  Assume RB-Austin Ekeler had the shot and could be back by the weekend game in Houston.  OC-Cory Linsley is a huge part of the protection plan, they need him back by Sunday.  Bolts have 7-on the list-better hope they don’t have more..

BRONCOS..A season in decline, and they lose battered QB-Teddy Bridgewater with a concussion.  Sure looks like Drew Lock is a wasted first round pick.  Really poor play off the bench from a guy in his 3rd year after being a number 1-draft pick.  Pick, fumble, 2 sacks coming off the bench.  Broncos going in the wrong direction.

RAIDERS…What a struggle against a Covid ravaged Browns team.  Pick any of the issues and discuss them.  DeSean Jackson’s dropped passes.  Josh Jacobs inability to run the ball.  The bad luck injury loss of TE-Darren Waller.  Wonder if QB-Derek Carr will ever have a good talent base around him.

JAGUARS…Jimmy Johnson, the legendary Cowboys coach, says Urban Meyer was backstabbed before fired,  Johnson said Meyer needed to have his own people around him.  Meyer hand picked that staff including 6-from Ohio State.  He buried all of them when he called them ‘losers’.  And the first round pick QB-Trevor Lawrence..1-TD pass in 7-weeks-what a struggle.

CAROLINA…Interesting stat on Cam Newton.  He has not won a game as the Panthers starting QB-in his last 18-starts with the Panthers, dating back to 2018..  He was adequate in New England, nothing special.  Sure seems like he lost his ability to play

BROWNS..What a mess, without 9-starters and their head coach on Monday for that game with the Raiders.  3rd string quarterback, without Jarvis Landry, Kareem Hunt and other players on offense.

WASHINGTON…Ron Rivera faces this Tuesday game with the Eagles, without 7-assistant coaches, all on the Cod list.  The beat goes on.

STEELERS…Ever seen anything so awful as this brand of Pittsburgh football.  Pathetic offense.  Ben Roethlisberger on his last legs.  A  leaking offensive line. Not much of a running game for Najee Harris.  Defense-goes only as long as TJ Watt can stay on the field.

TITANS…Really banged up.  Sure does not look like Ryan Tannehill can be very dangerous if he does not have RB-Travis Henry or WR-Julio Jones on the field. He does turn the ball over.

PATRIOTS…Some beat down of the Patriots in Indianapolis by a Colts team that has found itself.  Mac Jones turnovers hurt, but they have so many running backs down.  Patriots need some health to return on the field

LIONS…Lousy (2-11-1) record but then you realize how competitive Dan Campbell has made this team almost right from the start of the season, without a lot of recognizable names.  Tough break watching Jared Goff be near perfect in upset win on Sunday, only have Goff test positive for Covid the morning after.

RAMS…Don’t know how you can prepare for a game when you had 20-players off the field on the Covid list.  Going to be an enormous challenge for QB-Matthews Stafford to do everything on Tuesday against Seattle in the delayed-rescheduled game.

ARIZONA…Cannot figure out these back to back losses for Kyler Murray and the Cardinals.  On brink of blowing home field advantage in NFC..Rams-Packers pressing hard to pass them.

BEARS….Dynamic young QB-Justin Fields, not enough around him.  What a Monday mess..(0-for-6) in red zone in loss to struggling Minnesota.

Three weeks left in a grind of a season.




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