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We are down to the Final 4-of the NFL playoffs, but there are sure alot of questions  to answers about storylines in the league.

PATRICK MAHOMES UPDATE?  He has been in round the clock treatment for the high ankle sprain since Saturday and probably won’t practice till Wednesday at the earlies.  He has never ‘not practiced’ and then played in a game.

DOES THE OFFENSE CHANGE?  They become a pocket passing team.  He did not complete outside the pocket after he got hurt and came back.   The injury takes away scrambling ability which limits his creativeness, but the Chiefs still scored points with him stuck in the pocket.

WHAT’S WRONG IN BUFFALO?  Something for sure, as they fail to get out of the division round for the 2nd year in a row, and are now an offense plagued by turnover problems.  The defense was never the same after the von Miller knee injury either.

WHAT’S WRONG WITH JOSH ALLEN?  He had a turnover marred second half of the season and his decision making had to come in question.  Is there too much reliance on him to make all the plays, throwing and running.\?  Do they need a stronger power runner?

WHAT’S WRONG WITH DAK PRESCOTT?  A career high 17-turnovers is what is wrong.  Forcing throws, flushed out of the pocket and becoming errant throwing the ball.  Lack of a solid run game.  A battered offensive line, he had injury problems at LT-LG-OC-RG off and on during the season.

BENGALS THE REAL DEAL?  Last year was not a fluke and Joe Burrow is a superstar who has rescued the franchise from years of despair under Mike Brown’s ownership.  Of course finishing with high draft picks each year, allowed them to get the bluechip picks at QB and WR that provide their firepower.  Cincinnati has won 5-playoff games in two years.

ALL WELL WITH 49ERS-EAGLES?  They look like carbon copies of each other and are now on a collision course for this weekend’s NFC championship game.  They matchup so well, very good young QBs, power run games, big play receives and a relentless defense.

WHERE DOES SEAN PAYTON WIND UP?  He’s playing the ‘Price is Right’ and has his second meeting with the Denver Broncos mid week.  Arizona-Carolina-Houston are also in the running, but the Broncos, with Russell Wilson , a strong run game, young gifted receivers, and a superb defense,  might be the best landing spot.

WHO GETS HIRED AFTER PAYTON?  Look hard at Dan Quinn, who rebuilt his resume after a failure in Atlanta.  DeMeco Ryans, the 49ers coordinator, is off the market for at least week but will likely be the third one taken.  The same with Eagles OC-Shane Steichen , who cannot interview for another week.  The surprise is that Eric Bienemy had one interview only and Byron Leftwich had none this year, and was fired this past week.

WHAT WILL THE COMPENSATION BE FOR SEAN PAYTON?  New Orleans knows that the Raiders-Tampa Bay deal for Jon Gruden turned out to be two #1 picks and 2nd and 3rd round choices.  They know what the Patriots paid to get Bill Parcells out of New York, and what Bill Belichick cost to get his head job.  Rumors are the Saints want two future #1’s for Payton, but might take a #1 and future #3’s instead.  Stay tuned those deals are coming.


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