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Hacksaw’s Monday Bonus Podcast-NFL DRAFT PREVIEW
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“NFL–The QB Derby”

Just days before the NFL draft, and it’s hard to pick and choose, what to believe, what might be truth, what might be a smoke screen with the teams that pick at the top of the NFL draft board.

We could have 4-QBs go in picks 1-thru-4.

We should have 6-QBs go in the entire first round.

Trades, high price trades, could be part of Thursday.

Here’s the latest on scouting reports on the top four QBs and what’s left after that.

CALEB WILLIAMS…USC star, an  ideal create on the fly QB.  Likes to throw on the move,  Obviously can run too, though you might not want that in the NFL.  He will be better with better protection-production, which he did not have at USC his last year.  Looks to be surrounded by good skill people in Chicago too.

DRAKE MAYE…North Carolina star, electric sophomore year, not as good a statistical year as a junior after his receivers went to the NFL.  Big, tall, strong in pocket, good arm, but there are questions about his arm slot, mechanics, foot movement.  But they said alot of the same things about Philip Rivers as he got to the Chargers.  People think he could be
a wildcard in the draft..big future or big disappointment.

JAYDEN DANIELS…Put up amazing numbers against SEC defenses.  Hints keep dropping he does not want to go to Washington with the 2nd pick.  Don’t see any way he can work his way to the Raiders.  Likely the Patriots pick, but they don’t have much offensive talent either.  Can throw, can run, is on equal skill level with Caleb Williams.

JJ MC CARTHY…Michigan man surrounded by alot of talent at Michigan, so did he win two years in a row as a great quarterback, or just because he had so much talent around him.  Great unknown, though a bunch of teams interested in him.

MICHAEL PENIX…Climbing boards to being close to a top 10-pick.  Yes big injuries at Indiana, but no injuries at Washington.  Moves the pocket, won’t run that much, strong arm deep, accurate short, and real student of the game.  Looks like alot of the traits of Tua Tagovailoa in Miami.  Suddenly Denver, in front of Raiders, may take him after trading also for ex-Jet Zach Wilson.

BO NIX..Dropping on boards.  Systems QB, very accurate in all kinds of short routes, but not the strong arm.  Student of the game.  Maybe a later first round pick.  Keep hearing Seahawks may take him towards the back end of the round.

Fun day coming on Thursday, and in a QB league, 6-more about to join the fraternity in that first round.


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