1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Tuesday “NFL-Quarterbacks–The Money Game”

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“The NFL Quarterbacks-The Money Game”



So how much is too much, or should it be a ‘money free for all’ everytime someone’s contract comes up for extension.

I ask that as the next round of contracts come up for the next wave of great young quarterbacks.

Seattle’s Russell Wilson is the highest paid QB in the NFL…at 35M per season.  Been there, done that, Super Bowls, a ring, record setting career.

In fact virtually all the top names on the list have had great accomplishments:
1. Seahawks QB Russell Wilson: $35 million
2. Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger: $34 million
3.Packers QB Aaron Rodgers: $33.5 million
3. Rams QB Jared Goff: $33.5 million
5. Vikings QB Kirk Cousins: $33 million
6. Eagles QB Carson Wentz: $32 million
7. Cowboys QB Dak Prescott: $$30.1 million
8. Falcons QB Matt Ryan: $30 million
9. Titans QB Ryan Tannehill: $29.5 million
10. Colts QB Jacoby Brissett: $27.98 million
And now the question, as talks grind on, or get underway for the young starts waiting their pay-days after tremendous early season careers.

Understand the salary cap is 188M a year, and teams have to sign 53-players and do a delicate balancing act, defense-vs-offense and what years you pay what players.

Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs has strung together two spectacular seasons, outplaying his rookie contract.  He has two years left at (26M) total, and talks have started on a pay-day extension.  Does he go to the state of the art 25M a year, and escalate from there?  He does have a ring in his resume too.

Dallas’ Dak Prescott has been battling for a top money contract for a couple of years.  He makes everything go for the Cowboys, but his asking price of 35M and going north up to 40M, is staggering, considering there are so many other players who want-have earned-deserve signficant contracts.

Houston has to take care of blooming star Deshaun Watson, due to make an anemic (1.1M) this year and talks are underway.  He may not Mahomes or Prescott but he is electric and the Texans catalyst.  A deal starting at (20M) sound reasonable.

Those are the marquee names in the pipeline next.

But the big issue, if you give Prescott (40M), that equates to almost 24% of your salary cap.  Can you give one player that type of figure knowing full well you probably have 8-other elite players in Dallas that need to be taken care of?

It is not a problem with a QB heading to their starlight.  That’s why future Hall of Famers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers  all signed deals for (20M) for the coming season.  Good paydays, leaving enough for other players to get.

Quarterback is the most important position on a team, but if you have a superstar LT that must be paid, and big names wide receivers and defensive players, how do you keep them, if the QB is taking home a massive amount of your salary cap?

It bears watching going forward, because every good young team now has to deal with this, today or a year from today or years from today.  The QB salary goes up annually.  So do the problems of balancing your salary cap.


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