1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Tuesday. “NFL-Stadiums—Fans MIA-Stadiums “

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“NFL-No Fans Allowed”


If they play games this year in the NFL, the shiny new objects the National Football League has to offer, won’t be open for the fans or the media or the corporate sponsors to experience.

It appears that fans won’t be allowed in the new Rams palace, So-Fi Stadium, which will also host the Chargers as a tenant.

Last week, both teams told fans they are rolling their season tickets over to next year (2021) with no price increase.  That’s some 45,000 fans who bought PSL’s for the Rams, and some 20,000 who were expected to be Chargers season ticket holders.

The last letter from the two teams to their PSL holders was that those fans would have the opportunity to buy ‘single game’ tickets, if those games were to be open to fans.

As of now, in the wake of the explosive death toll and hospitalizations in Los Angeles alone, it does not appear anyone will be allowed to see the Rams nor Chargers in person.

A big blow for the Rams, considering they averaged over 63,000 fans a game last year.  For the Chargers, an empty house won’t mean much considering they did not draw at Carson in that soccer stadium. And 20,000 in the new Rams stadium would look like an embarrassment.  The ‘Fight for LA’ will be delayed another year.

Now the new Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas will be empty for the Raiders debut in that city.

The Silver & Black announced no fans at home games this fall, and those 72,000-season tickets will be rolled over to next year.

What they thought would be a new glitzy ‘Black Hole’ has been done in by the ‘Black Plague Corona Virus’.

What a setback for an NFL already under siege.  The Redskins sex scandal; the nickname-logo controversy; the front office housecleaning.  The nightmare that is Antonio Brown.  The Rooney Rule violations.  Opt outs.  Positive Virus tests.

A 5B development in Los Angeles.  The 2.7B Raiders facility in Vegas.  Both will remain padlocked this fall.  Tons of money lost for sure.

Shiny and new-surely would have been.  Won’t be for this season.

The NFL, which tries to control everything under its umbrella, lost this one to an enemy no-one can control.  Not doctors, not Trump, not the all powerful NFL.


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