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Questions-I’ve Got Questions’


Marching thru NFL training camps, some random questions for the NFL fans?

CHARGERS…..Forbes Magazine just released its Valuation rankings of all the franchises and the Cowboys, owned by Jerry Jones, lead the league with a value of ($8B).  Of course that includes the Stadium and their new practice facility.  The Patriots and all the real estate Bob Kraft owns is ranked second at (6.4B).  The Rams-Stan Kroenke is third at (6.2B) and that includes So Fi Stadium.  The Spanos Family-Chargers are 20th despite being in the 2nd biggest market in the league with a value of only (3.2B).  The Chargers look like a dirt-poor-farmer compared to everyone else in the league.  Guess the real proof will be how many wearing Powder Blue will be in thei stadium for home games compared to how many people wearing the other team’s colors.  Chargers-Raiders opening day-Silver & Black crowd?

RAMS…Is this club living on borrowed time if they have to limit the practice time of QB-Matthew Stafford in practices weekly leading up to game day with this serious elbow tendonitis issue?

CHIEFS…They don’t have Tyreek Hill and now JuJu Schuster-Smith has health problems and Marquez Scantling has not done much in camp at WR.  I don’t think the Chiefs will be the same dangerous offensive team they were when Tyreek-the-Streak was running patterns.  Do you think KC will miss his zip?

RAIDERS…They have David Carr, they have Davantae Adams, they have a great tight end and quality route running receivers.  They don’t look like they have enough offensive lineman.  And the struggles of Alex Leatherwood, the high draft pick, seem to created even more problems on the right side of the offensive line.  The shadows of all the players mistakes of Jon Gruden just will not go away will they?

BRONCOS…Russell Wilson brings such excitement to the Denver offense, but keeping all the young wide receivers on the field has to be a concern.  The injury history to Jerry Jeudy and others has to be a concern doesn’t it?

MIAMI..The Dolphins have dynamic wide receivers, Tyreek Hill-Jaylen Waddle, but there seems to be a real undercurrent of concern that QB-Tua Tagovailoa isn’t the right guy at quarterback, managing the offense, not making the offense go.  Wonder if this is real or imagined problem?

SEATTLE…Everyone is talking about the quarterback race, Geno Smith-vs-Drew Lock, but maybe the real issue should be the horrid offensive line problems infront of whomever is the QB.  Penalties and sacks, terrible numbers in their first couple of preseason games.  Seahawks fans-worried?

JETS..Can’t imagine a worse start to your season, when you lose your starting QB-Kyle Wilson and his protector LT-Mekhi Becton with significant injuries, can you?

CAROLINA..Baker Mayfield named the starting QB for the Panthers.  Has to be a difference maker in his contract year?  Still a substandard roster around him?

WASHINGTON..It’s started already the questions about the up and down play of new QB-Carson Wentz and we are not to opening day yet.  A bigger mess than anyone imagined?

CLEVELAND…Deshaun Watson exits the Browns on August 30th.  He will be barred for 41-days before he can return to meetings.  He misses 11-games in full plus all the financial penalties.  His counseling sessions have begun.  The issues, will be if he is committed to changing his lifestyle and will he change as a person?

NEW ENGLAND..Everyone is second guess Bill Belichick for turning over play calling to two former defensive coaches, Matt Patricia and Joe Judge, allowing them to be co-offensive coordinators.  Belichick marches to his own drum-baeat.  Can’t argue with the 6-Super Bowl rings.  But reality, the Patriots have not had much success since Tom Brady divorced Belichick in free agency has it?

VIKINGS….Who knows how this works, new coach Kevin O’Connell and QB-Kirk Cousins, who throws for lots of yards and TDs but not lots of wins.  Here’s the question, do they go away from heavy duty RB-Dalvin Cook to open up the offense to throw the ball in O’Connell’s new playbook?

49ers…Marching towards the August 30th deadline with Jim Garoppolos’ contract becoming guaranteed then.  Niners, release him, can they trade him, do they hold onto him as an insurance policy for the hand annointed starter Trey Lance?

I’ve got questions.  Do you have answers?


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