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“NFL Just Asking–What Would You Do?”


Just Asking….Do You Have Answers:

News and Notes around the NFL.

BALTIMORE….Lamar Jackson the heart-and-soul offensive leader of the Ravens offense, is back on the practice field after 2-bouts with the Covid virus in an 8-month span.

MINNESOTA…Big money quarterback Kirk Cousins has returned to practice with the Vikings after testing positive for the Covid virus two weeks ago.

Neither is vaccinated, not with Moderna…Phizer…J&J.

NFL players, especially the quarterbacks, are the leaders of the franchise.  They make 25-to-40M per season.

NFL players have access to the best medical care on the planet from each of these NFL teams.  They also have access to the best medical information about Covid, the vaccines, the symptoms, and the damage that can be done.

An NFL locker-room, meeting rooms, showers, weight rooms, can be super spreader headquarters for the unvaccinated.

Hard to believe great talents and leaders like Lamar Jackson and Kirk Cousins aren’t paying attention, don’t seem to have the knowledge to make an informed decision, or just aren’t smart enough to see this.

Not paying attention to the out of town scoreboard either..

American deaths are now over 640,000.
The US vaccination rate has stalled at 51% of adults
The US is in its 4th different surge of the latest deviant.

The CDC report last week that 99.9% of those hospitalized since June 1st were unvaccinated.  And 99.#% of those who died in the last two plus months, had never gotten the faccine.

They, these two star QBs,  must have forgotten history too.

Denver had to play a wide receiver at QB when all four of theirs were sidelined with positive tests.

Tennessee had an outbreak that took7-coaches out of their building.

Cleveland had both coordinators have to leave

Detroit played a game with virtually their entire staff staying at home.

The Saints lost all their running backs for one game.

Cleveland played a game with all its wide receivers in isolation

The 49ers finished their season with games in Arizona because their county refused to open stadiums.

Baltimore had 23-players at one time pulled with close contract tracing.

The NFL had to move 22-games from their original scheduled date.

And it went on and on.

Coaches who violated the mask rule were hit with 150,000 fines.  Teams were docked 200-to-300,000 for violations.

There was a virtual draft.
No preseason games.
No OTA’s
Virtually no fans

There were masks and shields everywhere.

NFL clubs got a bill for in excess of 100M for the daily (:05) swab tests for every player, every staff member.

Stark terrified of a massive outbreak in any lockeroom, across a roster, and in a building, the NFL got better and better at testing, and then creating contact testing  that stopped mass outbreaks as the season wore on.

And now we are in August, and another outbreak, a pandemic among the unvaccinated.

And with 90% of NFL players now vaccindated, we still have the holdouts, the leaders like Lamar Jackson and Kirk Cousins.

Selfish, stupid, ignorant, uneducated.  Guess you can buy football talent for 30M a year, but you cannot buy common sense or responsibility.

Maybe it would take a Ravens or a Vikings quarterback to get really sick, hospitalized, sent to ICU or die before the message would get across to everyone else.

Great rewards when you have great quarterbacks.
Great risk when you have two of them acting like they are acting.

Just asking:  what would you do?

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