1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “NFL-Weekend Chaos”

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NFL Game of Survivors”


Did you see that?
Can you believe that happened?

Such is life in the battered NFL, where teams have so many injuries, you cannot recognize them.  And then we had all these games on the weekend, with all the strange-shocking endings.

RAIDERS-PATRIOTS…You would think anybody on Bill Belichick’s roster would know every angel to the game.  Everyone but RB-Rhamondre Stevenson.  He had rushed for 172-yards on the day, had the final carry in a tied game, and instead of taking a knee to get the game to overtime, he flipped it back to a teammate, who then tried to throw an across the field lateral, that was picked off an returned for the Raiders game winning-walk off TCD.  Horrible loss in a game the Pats needed to win to hold onto a playoff spot.  It might have cost them the final playoff slot.  And this on a Bill Belichick team where no one forgets his assignment.

VIKINGS-COLTS…What a blowout, what a finish, what a catastrophe.  The Colts had built a (33-0) lead, and lost it due to a lousy defense, Kirk Cousins 435Y-passing day, and big play after big play.  Memo to owner Jim Irsay, who watched his team get outsourced (39-3) after the great start, fire your coach, your defensive coordinator and yourselt.  Irsay has turned the Colts into a clown-circus.

BENGALS-TAMPA BAY…A big pothole Cincinnati fell into, trailing (17-0), and then a wild Joe Burrow comeback, some (200Y) and 4TDs later.  A banged up wide receviver core is getting healthy and Cincy plays really hard.  Tom Brady, with no run game, no offensive line health, throws for  yards and TDs, but turned it over 4-times.  Hard to believe anything Tom Brady would be on, would be (6-8).  That’s what the Bucs are.

COWBOYS-JAGUARS….Something is not right in Big D.  Hard to criticize a (10-4) team, but Dallas has issues.  They don’t run the ball like they used to.  Zeke Elliott is showing his mileage.  The wide receivers have been in and out of the lineup all yer.  Both offensive tackles have had major injuries.  Top CB-Anthony Brown is gone for the year.  They lost a key LB.  Just doesn’t feel the same at the Star.  and to lose to Jacksonville which has been down for a long time.

ARIZONA…The Cardinals seem to be coming apart at the seams.  Kyler Murray injury.  5-OL out with injuries.  They just don’t play solid defense since Chandler Jones was let go.  Kliff Kingsbury’s end of season records are horrible.  And now reports troubled GM-Steve Keim is on his way out.  It’s a mess for owner Michael Bidwell to ake decisions on.

EAGLES…Ut-Oh.  That (13-1) record is glitzy.  Now you have a scary injury with QB-Jalen Hurts and this sprained shoulder.  Maybe he sits the final 3-games of the season, and a bye week.  That’s what happens when your QB runs the ball 17-times on Sunday.

HOUSTON..Everyone on the hot seat there, and that includes GM-Nick Caserio,who tore the roster apart and has gone (5-24).  As a head coach, Lovie Smith is probably a good Defensive Coordinator.  They need a QB among many other things.  They deserve to be (1-11-1) considering all the guys they ran out, Deshaun Watson, JJ Watt, DeAndre Hopkins, David Johnson etc.

BROWNS…Real disappointing season but they now have QB-Deshaun Watson back from his 11-game suspension.  But he is rusty, he is slow, he needs tons of reps and a full offseason on the field in this playbook.  There are lots of empty seats in Cleveland too, a vote of condemnation  towards Watson for the sexual misondcut issues.  The shame of all this, aside from having a sexual pervert at QB, is they wasted another year in the career of top RB-Nick Chubb and pass rusher Myles Garrett.

RAMS…A mess of injuries, no draft picks, salary cap problems.  Wonder if GM-Les Sneed would ever regreat wearing that tee shirt last year at the draft, the one that read ‘F them draft picks’.  You wonder what becomes of the Rams with all this age, and this wrath of hurt players.  At least they get a look at QB-Baker Mayfield for next year.  They won the Super Bowl by paying steep prices in contract and to acquire players, now the bills are coming due.


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One Response to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “NFL-Weekend Chaos””

  1. Chris says:

    What is the cost for a winning NFL team? Snead sold the Rams soul to win the SB in LA, but was it worth the cost? That team is looking at a minimum five year rebuild with bloated contracts and few picks.

    Why would Browns fan support a QB that assaulted at least 30 women? How do you explain to your daughter its OK to attack a woman and buy her silence? What message does it send to young boys?

    AZ doubled down on a bad hand. You get what you get. Houston is playing hard for Lovie. They are like every other team that has tried to clone the Pat’s. The problem is you need a Belichick and Brady to do it. See the Raiders as the next team to try.

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