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Memorial Day marks the start of summer and it is also the demarcation point for the MLB pennant races, who’s real, who’s not, who’s in trouble.

Enter the San Diego Padres, moving into June with a (24-29) record, a slump plagued batting order and a set of stats stained by futility and ranked near the bottom of lots of offensive categories.

What’s wrong with this picture at this hour?

The Padres were a half-game ahead of the last place, low budget Rockies, as the Friars flew into Miami to open a 3-game series with the Marlins.  That’s hard to believe.  The Rockies had as many wins as the Padres.

What’s wrong with this picture, the baseball standings.

The low budget Orioles have 34-wins to the Pades 24.  Rebuilding Arizona has 30-wins, in 2nd place in the Division.  The forever last place Marlins have 28-wins.  The always struggling Angels have 28-wins.

The Giants, Twins and Tigers have netted 27-wins.  The small budget Pirates and Reds have won 24-games-same as San Diego.

How has this gone down at home?  Padres fans, selling out home games at a record pace, have taken to booing the home team, especially during the losing home stand series with  the Royals and Red Sox.

And the national media has lampooned the Friars leadership, its batting order, and its GM.

The Washington Post called the Padres model ‘broken’.
USA Today gave the Padres a letter grade of ‘F’
ESPN called the the worst ‘underachievers’ in baseball.

Yes, there are still 100-plus games left in the season, and time to chase down the Dodgers for 1st place in the division, and still time to position yourself for a wildcard spot.

If Juan Soto, Manny Machado, Fernando Tatis and Jake Cronenworth hit back to form, this team will make its move.  But what if those four stay where they are at right now (.224-to-248) what kind of season will this turn out to be.

Will the wheels come off the bandwagon?  Will there be lots of seats empty if the losing continues.

I said I thought this team would win 100-games this year.  They’ve got a long way to go, to do that, and to prove the critics wrong.

What’s wrong with the standings as of this morning?  The way the Padres are playing.


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