1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday. “Padres Celebrate Their Shortstop”

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Fernando Tatis has his contract extension, all 14Y and 340M.
The Padres have the face and personality of its team
San Diego has excitement and expectation.

It has been a fascinating off season.
The investment was made by owner Peter Seidler.
The bold moves made by his GM-AJ Preller.
The superstar status triggered by SS-Fernando Tatis.

Highlights from the Padres-Monday Press Conference:

Fernando Tatis:
..I am here to stay
..I love the culture..the vibe here.
..I am grateful to my parents..my coaches..this team
..My dad taught me how to be a good teammate
..My family built me up
..I had a dream when I saw my dad on the field
..I wanted to build my legacy-stay on one team-stay in San Diego
..This contract completes me

GM-AJ Preller:
..Tatis is about breaking thru barriers
..We are going for it..we feel it
..We talked about year-to-year..or buyout arbitration or longterm.
..We took a walk at the park-saw the Tony Gwynn-Trevor Hoffman statues
..Let’s offer him a “Statue Contract”…play career-get statue
..He said “Why not my whole career here”
..We scouted him since Age 14
..Each of our scouts came back with consistent message
..He is about energy-passion
..He is 5-Tools and Super Sharp skills
..We are entering a new era-constructing a franchise is important
..Machado-Hosmer-Kinsler came to me-said put him on this team
..The late Don Welke told me..”Team of ability-stability”

Owner Peter Seidler:
..He earned our trust.
..There is clear message here..Play in October
..There is a trust with our fans and our city
..We are the 8th largest market in the country
..We are no longer a small market team
..This city has supported this franchise..we will support the fans

Manager Jayce Tingler:
..You watch Baseball Tonight..see those highlights..you believe
..Tatis has grown his game
..There is a happiness in this clubhouse
..It echoes off the wall..the organization’s commitment to winning.

The Padres are no longer ‘an anonymous organization’.
Everyone in baseball is talking about what they have done.

Is it opening day yet?  Play ball !


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