1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Padres-No Need Panic-Yet”

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“Padres–Do Not Push Panic Button”


It’s not what you want to see nor hear just some 10-days before the Natioal League season opens.

Injuries are part of spring training, just ask the Mets-Astros or others who have guys headed to the disabled list and coming out of surgery.

The Padres will probably use the word ‘caution’ and not ‘alarm’ this week over the injuries the team must deal with.

JUAN SOTO….This mild oblique strain has to be handled with caution, because aggravating it could be devastating to the Friars big power hitter.  The big issue is the torque Soto puts on his body with his violent swings.  Alot of pressure on the rib cage area and the obliques with those home run swings.  The injury woill likely lead to a 10-day shutdown, then a ramp up to get him back in the lineup.  But the Cubs OF-Seiya Suzuki injured an oblique the opening week of spring trainiong.  Five weeks later, he is not back on the field yet.

AUSTIN NOLA…The 96mph fast ball to the face broke his now.  Luckily it not shatter his orbital bone or his cheekbone  Yet to be determined whether he suffered any concussion symptoms after getting dotted.  Hitters cannot become gun shy or tentative afer getting beaned.  He will need tije.  Now time for the rookie Luis Campusano to step up and show he can handle the defensive part of the game, and managed ptiching staffs, something he struggled with last season.

YU DARVISH…He is a scientist on the mound, and i preparing for a season.  Yes he did not pitching much in the JWorld Baseball Classic, a surprise, but he is such a veteran pro, you trust his WBC prep built up his arm strength for the start of the season.

ADRIAN MOREJON…This really concerns me, because of the location of the pain, inside the left elbow joint.  This too for a pitcher who has already had forearm surgery, and history of injuries all over his body coming up thru the farm system.  Does rest solve this?  Does he need a cortisone injection for inflammation?  Does a plasma platelet injection help the healing.  He likely stays in extended spring training to work thru this.  He heads to the IL list too.  A reminder, any type of injection could mean 2-to-4 weeks shutdown before a ramp up begins.  Pay attention to this.

CRAIG STAMMEN…A tough blow, the end of his career after 6-trustworthy seasons as a reliever in the San Diego bullpen and a leader in the clubhouse.  He squeezed every last ounce out of his arm with Washington then with the Friars.  His comment, I’m not sad, it’s baseball, and I loved every minute of this.

FERNANDO TATIS…He is back and seems to have found his batting eye after a rugged (1-19) start coming off his long suspension and the off season surgeries..  Now he won’t be able to rejoin the team till April 20th after his suspension ends for PED involvement.  Don’t like the idea of the Padres opening the season without Soto-Tatis-Nola plus the pitching issues.


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