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Padres–Pick at Word”


Pick a series of worlds to describe Padres baseball.

‘Choke job’.

There are still 40-plus games left to be played on the regular season schedule, so the Padres season is not over.

But the skid that has taken the team out of the NL West race, and now threatens their chance of even getting a wildcard spot, has not ceased.

And now we have the 19-game stretch of games vs the Dodgers and Giants just ahead..

And now we see the first victim of this collapse, the firing of pitching coach Larry Rothschild, an 18-year veteran mound coach, who had the long run with the Yankees and Cubs.

His starters, who were so dominant the first two months of the season, are at the near bottom of all the pitching metrics in both the NL and all of MLB.

The horrific lack of dominance of frontline veteran starters who have had success in the past.

The failure of starters to correct deficiencies they have in the so called bullpen sessions between starts.

The enormous pitch counts these starters have piled up in failing to get beyond 4-innings of work.

The lack of quality starts.

The injuries that have devastated the rotation, undercut the farm system.

The mountain of work a fatigued bullpen has had to take on.

Manager Jayce Tingler, supposedly given the freedom to hire his staff, says you can put it on him, the Rothschild hiring.

We had coaching staff members exit Tingler’s staff after his first year.  More will likely leave, be fired, or exit if this season turns out to be a failure to make the playoffs.

Much like the Andy Green tenure as Padres manager, where there was constant change on his staff….seven coaches fired over a final three year period.

GM-AJ Preller has allowed their turmoil to occur on his watch.  These were his managers he chose since dumping Bud Black.  I believe he had input in all the coaches chosen for these staffs, and how many have exited in the last 5-years..

This is his roster of high salaries, disappointments, injuries.

These were his hirings of the new training staff.

All I know is a sense of a questionable clubhouse chemistry, big money players struggling, ravaged injuries and now a laundry list of questionable trades.

This Padres season should not be just about Larry Rothschild’s firing, but the people above his pay grade, who really carry the responsibility for the entire operation of this franchise.

Blame game, scapegoats, there should be more changes if this ends up badly.

Padres baseball was supposed to be better than this.
Everyone else has had to grind thru the 162-game schedule.
Everyone has had significant injuries to star players.
No one has tanked like the Friars.

Pick a word:





San Diego’s problems are much more than an old school pitching coach.
Trust me-I know.



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