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“Padres-Shopping List–Need List”


The Padres, wearing new Brown and Gold uniforms, are now searching for new players to put in those uniforms.

The GM’s meetings started Monday night in Scottsdale, as baseball execs lay the groundwork for possible trades they might make at the Winter Meetings coming up the first week in December.

For the first time in a long time, the Padres walked thru Omni Hotel at Camelback Mountain… lobbies with a pocketful of names other teams might be interested in, some veteran players, some rookie prospects.

The Padres are dealing from strength in their organization for the first time ever, but they are dealing with their backs to the wall too, and dealing to fill needs.

They have a significant roster issue.  The 40-man roster has to be adjusted in the next couple of weeks before the Rule 5-draft.  The Friars have 9-hot minor leaguers they must account for in addition to the 40-they already have on the major league roster.  If they cannot protect some of them, they likely lose them in the Rule 5-draft, so this week promises to be busy, and the first days of December will definitely be busy.

Not on the 40-roster yet, but draft eligible are OF-Taylor Trammell, who hit in the (.229) in AA after coming over from the Reds in that 3-way trade with the Indians…..young infielder Hudson Potts (.227)…outfielder Buddy Reed (.228)…pitcher Luis Patino (2.69)..power pitcher Reggie Lawson and infielder Gabe Arias (.302). All have shown promise at times.

A look at the names in play.

WIL MYERS…Has never turned out to be the All Star player the Padres hoped for.  An erratic bat and a player without a position.  A likely trade chip to someone in the American League, but the burning question, who wants his 20M a year contract that kicks in this season.  Too streaky, and too hot and cold defensively.  Evidently the Padres now know what the Royals and Tampa Bay knew, no idea where to play him, and no idea of what kind of players he can be at bat.  The scary part, Preller would have to eat part of the contract, but if you get the right frontline pitcher, maybe it is worth it.

AUSTIN HEDGES…Great value on defense, but not much on offense.  How do you define his true value.  He is being pushed for the starting job by developing catcher Francisco Mejia, who hit well last year in rotation.  Remember the Friars traded Brad Hand and another pitcher to get him, so you assume he has to be the starting catcher going forward.  Hedges has great value, but great risk moving him.

HUNTER RENFRO…It looked like he arrived by midseason, with his hitting, his power, his cannon arm, and his ability to play both corner outfield spots.  But then he got hurt and he fell off the map with a horrible final couple of months.  Might be too early to give up on him, considering the team dealt away the other young power hitting outfielder Franmil Reyes at the deadline.

ADRIAN MOREJON…They’ve waited three years, and they paid a lot of money to sign him, but he’s had five different arm issues in the three years.  A hot prospect on a pitching staff of more established prospects.  It would be a costly deal to move him considering he cost the team 11M in bonuses and 11M in tax money when they signed him out of Cuba.  Somebody young likely has to go, he might be it.

ERIC LAUER….A proven young talent who has pitched well over a year and a half, but of pitchers on the major league staff, he might bring the most value in a swap for a quality centerfielder.  But then, are you hurting your rotation to fill another spot on the roster.

CAL QUANTRILL…People will call, but will they consider moving him or keeping him with Lauer as part of the future staff.  Pitched very competitively thru most of his starts from mid season on.  Again, there is the numbers game here, you cannot keep them all.

LUIS TORRENS…They have had him for 3-years but cannot hide him in the system with this catcher logjam.

AUSTIN ALLEN…In cameo appearances looked good, and does hit minor league pitching, but where does he fit with the catchers ahead of him in the dugout?

IAN KINSLER…Would have to be a salary dump for a prospect at best, since Ty France-Greg Garcia-Luis Urias all play the same position.

FRANCHY CORDERO….Can’t stay on the field, nor stay healthy, but is taking up a valuable roster spot.  Exposed, he probably gets drafted by someone.

JOSH NAYLOR…No place for him to play, even so he can hit occasional homers.  Like Cordero, if not protected, somebody looking for a DH might take him in the draft.

NICK MARTINI…Can hit, played a bunch at end of season, but is a career journeyman who could be exposed.  Would you choose him over Naylor or Cordero to retain?

ANDERSON ESPINOSA…Came from Red Sox three years ago and promptly had 2-elbow surgeries.  Potential yes, but potential risk too considering he’s not pitched in a long time.  A gamble to expose him, but he takes up roster space.

LUIS PERDOMO…On year of promise, the next two a disappointment.  Just a guy now as a long reliever, but there is still upside.  If you deal him, or lose him, you better make sure the young 100mph pitchers you have can actually replace him in the role.

This is a complex rubic cube AJ Preller has to play with going forward.  Lots of moving parts.  The burning question, too early to give up on some of them, or have to deal them to guarantee the team can win next season with some additional veteran players.

Interesting weeks ahead….better be.

Need better season too in 2020.


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