1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “PGA Golf–Civil War”

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“Golf–War Zone”


Now we wait for a response.

The decisions have been made, now we see if the PGA Tour carries thru on its threats.

Then we wait to see if someone goes to court to fight the PGA Tour.

The Saudi Super League is ready to start.  The PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan took a hard line stance citing future sanctions against players.  A hard line in the sand.  And name players have now crossed that line.

It’s like a ‘Declaration of War’.

Phil Mickelson is returning to play, not in this weekend’s Canadian Open, but instead in the 1st ever 4M event as the Saudi Super League debuts with its event at the Centurion Club in London, England.

Mickelson ended his personal exile from the PGA Tour, he has not played since his failures at the Farmers Insurance Open in January, by announcing he is headed to England to play.

This comes after the revelation on Friday that Dustin Johnson, Grahame McDowell, Martin Kaymer, Sergio Garcia and Kevin Na are among the 13-who defied Commissioner  Jay Monahan, and decided to go play, after the PGA refused to grant them waivers.

Lefty and DJ are the two most acclaimed names on the 48-man Saudi Super League roster who will play the opening tourney.  Mickelson with 6-Grand Slam wins, including last year’s remarkable PGA Championship.  Johnson has two majors to his credit and a number 1-ranking in the world too.

They will play for a 4M first place prize at the Centurion.  It is the first of 8-events with mega prize money.  6-of the tourneys will be held at Trump resort courses in the US.  They will have a 48-man field, no cut, and 3-rounds of golf.

Greg Norman, the PGA legend from Australia, is the architect behind the new tour.  He has attacked the PGA, calling it an ‘illegal monopoly’.

Mickelson declared his own war saying the PGA was full of ‘obnoxious greed’.

No one has answered key questions at a press conference yet.  Did Mickelson get 90M-in guarantees to go play abroad?  Did the LIV give Johnson a 100M guarantee?

Will Mickelson face the music about his gambling addictions?  His reaction to horrible things written in his unauthorized biography?  How deep are his personal problems?  Does this destroy his ‘Fan’s Man’ reputation?

The questions to be answered by the PGA leadership are many too.  Will the Commissioner suspend the golfers who violated their PGA contract?  Will they be fined?  Will the PGA revoke their Tour Card?

Add in this too.  The Grand Slam events come with PGA approval.  Will the USGA allow Mickelson and others to come play in the US Open?  What does Augusta do about these players looking towards the next Masters?

If this winds up in court, the PGA has an issue too.  In their history, they have given waivers to players to play abroad in tourneys, as long as they played in a minimum 15-tournaments on the PGA Tour.  But this is a competitive league, not an isolated tourney.

The European Tour says it will do what the PGA does, And that impacts the British Open too.

Does someone drop the hammer on those who defected?  Is there a middle ground between the two governing bodies?  Does Mickelson or Johnson file suit against the PGA when they are disciplined?

Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday promises to be busy news days in golf.

The players made their move to go abroad.  The PGA is expected to respond quickly.

Birdies-Bogeys-Eagles.  It will go beyond golf this week, as this war breaks out.






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