1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Tuesday. “Playoff Time…..Clippers Time or Jazz Time”

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“Clippers Time-or-Jazz Time”


We know who the Clippers are.
As Kawhi Leonard goes, as Paul George does also, so goes LA

Leonard, the most complete player in modern day NBA, without the glitz and glitter that other stars portray.

George, as dangerous and explosive at times, but not every night, not surely for 48-minutes a night either.

But who are these Utah Jazz?

It is amazing how teams come together.  Sometimes you draft them and they workout.  Sometimes you have to find better fits in free agency.  Sometimes giving guys a second or third chance works.

Look at the Utah roster, and tell me anyone saw this coming.

Donovan Mitchell (28PPG)..explosive scorer-dangerous passer-does defend well..a Jazz pick that is special.

Rudy Gobert (17PPG)…this was a Denver draft pick, who was then traded to Utah…a late developer who played in the NBA-G League in Bakersfield of all places..so big, so long, with the nickname Stiffel Tower for his French heritage.

Jordan Clarkson (18PPG)..went from journeyman, who used to be with the Lakers, to off the bench firepower shooter, carving a unique niche for himself.

Bojan Bogdnaovic (18PPG)..a late bloomer from Croatia, who played for the Nets, Washington and Indiana, and blossoms in Salt Lake City.

Mike Conley (17PPG)…a long career with Memphis before the Grizzlies dove into rebuild mode, has found a second coming with the Jazz…his experience under pressure is the intangible Utah counts on,

Joe Ingles…off the bench 3-point shooter…teams passed on him in the draft…Utah passes him the ball and let’s him light it up.

Derek Favors…ex 76er and Nets, found wanting for consistency, found a home wearing Jazz colors…rebounding and rim protecting.

The Utah Jazz have had great players, the John Drew-Adrian Dantley era…Karl Malone-John Stockton and company, but this group seems special.

Best record in the NBA West.  They tip off against the Clippers averaging (123PPG) on offense…shooting (49%) from the floor…hitting (16) 3’s per game…and grabbing 45-rebounds a game.

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are stars as NBA individuals.  This sure looks like a special Utah Jazz team.

Now we find out whose time it is to win in NBA playoff time.  This will be a doozy of a series.  This thing will be a 7-game war of attrition.


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