1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday ‘RAIDERS-SILVER & BLACK & BLEAK’

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They have won in the past.  You wonder when they will win again.

The fans in the stands are better than the team on the field.

In the back of the closet are their Super Bowl trophies from decades ago, dusty, dented, and the only thing Raiders fans have to hold onto, memory of Al Davis, the outlaw image and the wins.

But Kenny Stabler, Marcus Allen, Jack Tatum…that was a lifetime ago.

The Raiders always elicit hope, with all their fascinating free agent signings.  There is always expectations with coaching moves, like the rehiring of Jon Gruden.  There’s always excitement with the costumed fans in the stands.  There is always a show to see.

And there is always disappointment.

For every great talent, like pass rusher Maxx Crosby, there are busted first round draft picks littering the highway.

For every great acquisition like Davante Adams, there is the haunting shadows of high picks whose careers washed out because of DUI fatal accidents and gun arrests.

No matter how hard they try to fix the quarterback situation, Jimmy Garoppolo replaced Derek Carr, but the team is worse.

The roster turnover on a yearly basis is ridiculous.  The GM turnover is as crazy as the roster being flipped yearly.

There is a constant churn of coaches, coming, going, failing, the latest being Josh McDaniels, who as a head coach, may be a better offensive coordinator.  His tenure in Las Vegas sure looks like his short stay in Denver.

The home games are played in the spectacular Allegiant Stadium, so different than the dump that was the Oakland Coliseum.

This owner Mark Davis, does not carry the juice, the clout, the expertise that his late father Al Davis had once upon a time.

But as the game changed, from football to big business, the Raiders started to fail.  They have never recovered. The franchise they dragged from the East Bay to the Nevada desert had a record of (90-182) in the decade leading up to the move to Sin City.

The NFL didn’t want the Raiders in LA, so they allowed them to move to a sweetheart deal in a new stadium in Vegas.  But that hasn’t made a difference in the football fortunes.

How bad is it?  The woeful Detroit Lions, one of the more incompetent franchises for decades, beat the crap out of the once tough Raiders on Monday Night Football for the whole nation to see.

The once pitiful Lions outgained the Raiders (486-152).  They ran off (81-45) plays advantage. A (29-12) edge in first downs.  The Detroit’s running back Jahmyr Gibbs had more yards (189) than the entire Raiders team.

You just wonder when it ends, when they turn the corner, when they reward the fans for all the years of support during the many years of lousy football.

The Silver & Black, really the Silver & Bleak.  It’s sad when the fans in the stands are a better show than the team on the field.

So much for the Commitment to Excellence or the Glory of the Raiders is in their future.

Not this day, this set of games, the season or recent years.  ‘The future looks as dark as the past.  The Black Hole has lots of different meanings, doesn’t it?


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One Response to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday ‘RAIDERS-SILVER & BLACK & BLEAK’”

  1. Chris says:

    That move from the awful pit in Oakland has made the Raiders worth $6.2 billion while bringing in $729 million in 2022. Mark is a solid businessman. He has back to back championships in his pocket with the Aces. Something the Spanos goofs have never been able to accomplish.

    Remember, Goodell and Snyder intentionally tanked a playoff team by releasing private conversations. For which, they will be buying Gruden an island somewhere.

    What McZeig have done to this team on the field is inexcusable. It is Donkeys 2.0. They are repeating the exact same blunders as if they learned nothing the first time.

    The ship will get righted and they will be pillaging again. Expect Harbaugh to be back where he started his coaching career next year.

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