1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Rams–The Real Deal”

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“Rams–The Real Deal”


They’ve been building for this for more than a year, and now they have taken the first step to getting to play in the Super Bowl in their own stadium.

The surging Rams, who won 5-of their last 6-games in the regular season, stomped the Arizona Cardinals in their Monday Night playoff game (34-11)

It was an enormous beatdown, a horrific loss for Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsbury, and an awful way to wrap up a season, when you consider this was a Cardinals team that was (7-0), and got to (10-2) before the roof caved in and the bottom fell out. That’s what happens when you lose 5-of-6 at the end of the season.

The Rams traded a ton for QB-Matthew Stafford, and he ended 9-years of frustration, winning his first playoff game of his statistics inspiring career.

The Rams also dealt for Odell Beckham-Junior and in 4-weeks time they figured out how to integrate his skills package into their offense, something the Cleveland Browns failed to do in 2-seasons.

The crown jewel of the offense is 145-catch receiver Cooper Kupp and you wonder how upcoming teams can defend all the things the Rams have on offense.

Add to that, the Aaron Donald led defense, that crushes the pocket, the rush packages led by newly acquired Von Miller, and the ball hawking secondary with Jalen Ramsey and friends picking off passes.

They are good in every which-way.

Juat ask Kyler Murray and the Cardinals. It was awful right from the start as the Rams exploded infront of 72,000-screeching LA fans.

Which stat impressed you the most? The Rams big plays of 22-24-29-31-40-41 yards?

Or the fact that LA had a (163-to- Minus 1) edge in yards late into the second quarter?

Or was it the defense that had 2-picks, 2-sacks, 6-hits and 10-pressures of Murray?

The Rams showed up with all that firepower, and all that experience on the roster. The Cardinals had 23-key players making their first appearance in a playoff game.

Sean McVay is now (59-29) as head coach in LA.

The Cardinals went home having to answer questions about stage-fright…panic..choke jobs and lack of composure.

And if the Monday night game was impressive, think about what is ahead next weekend.

The Rams go play Tom Brady and Tampa Bay, and San Francisco takes its tough guy act to Green Bay to meet Aaron Rodgers, the Packers fans and the cold weather.

The Rams are the real deal, but so are all the other teams left in the NFC tournament.

Will be fun. Is it Saturday and Sunday yet?.


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