1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “SAUDI MONEY-DIRTY DOLLARS?”

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“How Do You Feel About Saudi Arabia”

History writes the people behind the 9/11 tragedy were Saudi terrorists.

History will write that a famous Washington Post journalist died at the hands of Saudi death teams.

History knows the price of oil globally swirls around Saudi oil supplies.

History will write about the mistreatment of women in that country.

And now the world of Saudi money has spilled into the sports world with absurd contracts and sponsor money.

From nowhere came the formation of LIV Golf, and the signing of 35-players from the PGA Tour to go abroad for big guaranteed money.  In doing so, the Phil Mickelson-Dustin Johnson-Brooks Koepka following fell off the radar, playing before sparse crowds, with little TV coverage.

Then in the wake of 2-years of failing business ventures, the Saudi’s merge with the PGA by making a 3B-investment in what will be a new global golf venture.

The Saudi money bought a Formula 1-team.  It bought money troubled soccer team, Newcastle United.  It is buying its way into the Formula 1-world.  It has made an investment in the Washington Wizards and Washington Capitals.

And it has bid on, and signed players to massive soccer contracts, threatening the well being of leagues and teams.

French star Kei Mbappe is on the brink of a record deal to take leave from Paris St-Germain, a 322M-transfer deal to deliver him to Saudi soccer for one year and a 772M-two year contract that would allow him to transfer to Real Madrid in 2025.

This came after the Public Investment Fund offered soccer legend Lionel Messi a record 336M- deal to come to that country.  He elected to take a creatively financed contract to play for MLS-Inter Miami.

The Saudi Soccer teams have already signed 11-players from the elite English Premier League, tearing teams apart, and creating havoc with the Fair Play Salary structure in Euro soccer.

Formula 1-has limits on spending but Saudi ownership is now running one of their teams.

What’s next, buying an MLB-NFL-NBA team and invoking their rules  despite the collectively  bargained salary cap and luxury tax limits our sports leagues have in place?.

It’s their wealth and they will spend it as they wish.  The issue, are they welcome with the way they do business?  Do you accept it’s just ‘business’ or are you worried who these people are and what they represent?

Blood Money, Sports Washing, lies, deaths, wrongdoings, culture violations.  Is taking their money a validation of who they are?


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One Response to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “SAUDI MONEY-DIRTY DOLLARS?””

  1. Chris says:

    All money comes with a price. The reality is Americans as a whole have no moral compass left. They knowingly voted for Biden with him plain as day bribing the Ukrainian government to protect his son and make personal profits. Biden then took America that was energy independent and made it go back to begging the Saudis for oil. We all know the Saudi’s are corrupt. All people care about anymore is money, not what it costs.

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