1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday. “Sports–The Worst Yet to Come”

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“Dangerous Times for All”


You look around the sports landscape, you see problems everywhere.

MESS IN MIAMI…Baseball now has a crisis with 11-players and 2-coaches having tested positive while the Miami Marlins were on a road trip to Philadelphia.  They are still quarantined in that team hotel, unable to travel.  The scary part, that some Marlins players may have gone out on the town, and brought the virus back to the clubhouse.  It discounts a theory the Marlins may have picked up the virus by playing an exhibition game in Atlanta last Thursday where Braves players got sick the next morning.   Equally scary, that the Marlins held a clubhouse meeting via virtual computer and voted to play without consulting medical people.

SCHEDULE SNAFU….It keeps getting harder for the Blue Jays.  Now they have been told they must play two extra series on the road, in Philadelphia and Baltimore, because their rented home stadium, the minor league Buffalo Bisons yard, won’t be ready till August 11th.  An unfair burden on a young team.

NO CLASS CLIPPERS….Lou Williams left the Clippers camp inside the bubble with a so-called family problem.  He was seen and sighted as a strip bar with friends in Atlanta while away from the team.  Now he will miss the first two games of the regular schedule, will lose two game checks, and is in isolation for 10-days before he can return to practice.  You tell me, Selfish or Stupid, or both?

OPT OUT TIME…The names are going to come quickly in the NFL, as camps open today for testing of all players.  Positive tests are starting, and some veterans are opting out.  Is there a big name out there who will exit shortly?  Seems there will be.

HOCKEY DECISIONS….The NHL teams have arrived at their Hub cities for the playoffs, Toronto and Edmonton and decisions may come shortly on players opting out.  Montreal’s bright phenom Max Domi could be the first one to exit, a Type 1-diabetic.  Interesting stat from the NHL, over the last two weeks, 11,130-tests and just 2-positives from players in their respective training camps.

Dangerous days ahead.  Fear the worst, expect the worst, think the worst is yet to come.


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