1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Tuesday. “Sports-vs-Society–How Do You Feel?”

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“How Do You Feel This Day?”


The mood swings led me all over the place yesterday, last night and going forward.

Think about what I say and tell me how you feel?

A bad day for the Padres.  Relief ace Kirby Yates facing season ending surgery for bone chips and left-fielder Tommy Pham having surgery for a hamate bone fracture-he too gone for the year, as a promising playoff chase seems to be slipping away..

…The Democratic National Convention begins a weeklong condemnation of everything about President Trump.

Chargers star linebacker Melvin Ingram refuses to workout in pads, demanding a contract extension from his 14M-salary due this year.

..The death toll from the Corona-Virus scoreboard now tops 170,000 in the US.

San Diego State breaks ground for construction of the new Aztecs Stadium, an event that should bring joy, but one overshadowed by the trauma in our country.

..The unemployment rate is still above 3M by virtue of the pandemic.

The Dodgers array of home run hitters powers the team into first place in the NL West in this shortened baseball season, while the Angels season slips away again, done-in by terrible pitching.

..The country is overwhelmed by a horrid heatwave, tornadic fires, overwhelmed hospitals, and bitter partisan decisions state-by-state.  The total number of sick is now 5.1M ill in our country.

The Lakers begin their drive to the NBA championship with Anthony Davis and LeBron James, hoping to fight off Kawhi Leonard’s Clippers, and the Bucks Giannis Antetokoumnpo.

..The tone of conversation across America rings with words like divisiveness, racial hate, unemployment and partisan politics.

Marco Andretti will start on the pole in the delayed Indy 500.  There will be no fans at the Masters in Augusta.  NFL teams will likely play in empty stadiums.  College football is torn to play games to make money, or to cancel the season till spring to protect the players.

..Raging rhetoric continues over opening schools and the economy at the risk of more explosions in viral outbreak.

The NHL continues to play hockey in its hub cities, it’s testing program a tremendous success.

..Peaceful protests, riots, looting, bad photo ops, the post office controversy, the impeachment movement, foreign tampering with elections.

It never seems to end does it?

You tell me-how you feel at this hour, about sports and our society.


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