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PADRES….It should be of concern to you…I will ask you to join me in prayers, for Padres owner Peter Seidler, with the revelation he has undergone another surgery for his on going health issues.  A two time survivor of cancer treatments.  He has announced he will not return to see any home games the rest of this season, and will not be in the office for the time being.  A prayer for a good outcome for a good man.

PADRES-SO WHAT…Thank goodness the A’s-Rockies are on the schedule for the end of the season.  The ever disappointing Friars actually have a chance to finish .500 this year.  Sorry 81-81 is no accomplishment with the talent level on this roster.  There must be accountability at the end of the year.

PADRES-UT…Your newspaper should be the watchdog of the community covering the teams in town, so the Kevin Acee-authored article was well done, quoting 8-players (anonymously) about the shortcomings in team chemistry in that clubhouse.  It was not a ‘hit job’ on Manny Machado.  It was a critique of the failures of the roster full of big money players.  Was it a cheapshot column?  No, Acee has a right to write about what we all saw in that clubhouse.  A roster full on ‘independent contractors’.  No cheering for a .500-season.  No criticism for a journalist doing what should be done, reporting on what he has seen.  Would be nice if sports-talk radio and the TV anchors invoked the word ‘accountability’ in their coveRage.

RAMS-LET IT RIP….They won their first game up in Seattle, a real surprise.  They scared the 49ers into the 3rd quarter before running out of gas.  Quick start by QB-Matthew Stafford.  What a story by rookie wideout Pacu Nacku, coming off a (15-catch) games against the Niners.

RAMS-TIME TO PART WAYS….For such a high draft pick, Cam Akers stay in LA has been really disappointing and now they are ready to get rid of the high draft pick from Florida State.  A bad injury, a questionable work ethic, a solid start last season on the road back.  And now this continued dialogue problem with Coach Sean McVay and Aker’s chronic unhappiness.

CHARGERS..What a lousy start and now Brandon Staley sniping at the media for the tone of questions asked after the terrible home loss to Miami and the bad loss to a substandard team, Tennessee.  Scoreboard does not lie.  Staley is (19-19) as head coach.  No playoff wins.  5-times the Bolts have blown leads of 10-points or more and lost those games.  Ande these stats after two games this year:
..Opponents have 28-plays of Plus 10-Yards
..Opponents have 13-plays of Plus 20-Yards
..Bolt DBs have given up Pass Plays of 34-35-40-47-49-75-76

And we’re not supposed to ask questions about this type of defense.

AZTECS…A (2-0) start has been followed by 2-beatdowns at the hands of UCLA-Oregon State.  SDSU has not answered questions that needed to be answered.  QB-Jaylen Maden is still erratic throwing deep.  The offensive line still leaks oil in protection.  The run game has only shown glimpses of consistency.  The defense has been torched  the last two weeks for (550-463) yards the last two weeks.  That being said, they move into Mountain West Conference play with Boise State-Air Force.  Know one thing; Maden deserves a Purple Heart for the pounding he has taken in the pocket.  Ryan Lindley’s game plan has gotten guys open, they just have not hit on as many big plays that were there to be taken.  And the defense won’t face the firepower that UCLA-Oregon State had coming off the line of scrimmage.  SDSU has a chance to compete beginning Friday night with Boise and the following week at Air Force.  Still think they have enough talent to be a top team in the MWC.


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