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“Name the Story–I Have Thoughts”


SAN DIEGO STATE…An ugly day when AD-John David Wicker and head coach Brady Hoke stormed out of their Monday press conference after having to face 8-straight questions from the media on the Matt Araiza rape lawsuit.  They read a statement and must have thought the working media would take everything at face value and go home with the press release.  They were offended by questions insinuating coverup, or lack of action on SDSU’s part, or granting favors during last year’s winning season.  They reacted badly, over the top, but the media was relentelss with speculative questions that did seem unfair.  Missing though was the word ‘transparency’ which SDSU likes to use often in coversations.

MATT ARAIZA…The family of the deposed Buffalo Bills kicker has gone on the offensive trying to defend their son, saying he has been found guilty by social media already.  The fact police have not filed charges yet means the case is very complicated, maybe ‘he said-she said’.  The lawyer representing the kicker last Friday called it a money-grab, but over the weekend made a cash settlement offer to the teenage girl who was sexually assaulted.  Response, they don’t want money, they want justice.

AZTECS-ARIZONA…They unveil the new stadium Saturday afternoon in the midst of blazing hot weather.  SDSU has gone thru 4-weeks of camp in very hot weather.  Arizona practices in blazing summer heat in Tucson, so both teams should be readay for this.  A night game would have made more sense.

CHARGERS OWNERSHIP….The 3-lawsuits filed by Dean Spanos’ family against him are headed to NFL arbitration, which means Spanos will likely win all three cases and the lawyers are the only ones who will get the big money in legal fees.  Spanos retains ownership, maybe the funding of the Foundation-Charity operated by Dea Spanos-Berbarian changes.

PADRES CRISIS…Anyone out there think this is an undeserving team for postseason play.  Josh Hader’s meltdown is staggering but can be repaired.  It’s evident to me it is all about his release point and inability to repeat his delivery with any consistency.  They have time to sort this out, but they need to be convinced he will be trustworthy, if they make the playoffs.

DODGERS BLUE…You wonder if all this will finally catch up to them.  The Dodgers are 50-games over .500, but they lost another pitcher, Tony Gonsolin, goes on the IL with a strained forearm.  He’s (16-1) and has pitched the most innings of his career.  This team has lost Walker Bueller, Clayton Kershaw, Dustin May, Andrew Heaney and now Gonsolin from the rotation for large chunks of the season, as well as reliever Blake Treienen, who has never gotten back to the major leagues with arm problems.  But think of that, 50-games over .500.

ANGELS…A lost season for sure, but still ahead, new ownership coming inky late fall. Hottest name is Joe Jacob, legendary owner of the Warriors of the NBA.  Also linked a group that could include former Padres President Larry Lucchino.  This is an important time to get a new leader in that Stadium, especially with one year left on Shohei Octane’s contract.

LAKERS..We are weeks away from camp starting and the roster still looks disjointed, though I like to acquisition of fiesta Patrick Bevery in the Utah trade.
Whether Russell Westbrook will be here before training camps end October 1st, remains to be seen.

CLIPPERS…It’s been quiet all off season.  Only time tells in Kwai Leonard can be what he used to be.  The injuries on his resume replacing all the great statistics he has piled up in his career.  They do look like they have a pretty good support group around him on the roster, but he makes them elite.  Otherwise, middle of the pack.




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