1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “The NFL & QB Derby”

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“NFL-Quarterback League”


The NFL is all about quarterbacks.
If you have a good one, good for you.
If you don’t, you better find a way to get one.

Thursday’s first round of the draft features QBs that could go 1-and-2.
Beyond that a couple of QBs are climbing the board.
Now they say as many as 5-go in the first round.
More surprising is the feeling, as many as 16-QBs could be drafted overall.

Call it the ‘Brock Purdy Factor’.  You know him, the last player taken in the draft who drove the 49ers to the the playoffs in place of the injured Trey Lance and Jim Garoppolo.

Now suddenly NFL teams feel they need  to spend late round picks to see if there is another gem out there they might draft and develop.

Here’s a quick look at names you know heading into the draft on Thursday.

BRYCE YOUNG…Alabama’s star has done everything.  Smart, athletic, accurate, but he’s small.  He’s 5’10 and only 190-pounds.  He was protected by a massive OL at Bama.  He won’t have that if he goes #1-to Carolina.  He’s not frail, he’s just small and athletic.  But that means he’s going to get nailed by linebackers and pass rushers in NFL.  A year from now, after being in an NFL weight program and nutrition, he might be a 200-pounder.  Russell Wilson came into the NFL undersized, and look what he became.  Risk?  Maybe.  Reward? Definitely.

CJ STROUD…Rumors, they always show up right around the draft.  This week’s rumore, the cognitive skill of the Ohio State passing star.  Can he learn pro defenses, can he inhale a 200-page playbook.  HIs coach says yes, but there are rumors that his whiteboard work with teams was not impressive.  He is so skilled, I doubt  those rumors.  Look at the tape of his work with the Buckeyes.

ANTHOHY RICHARDSON…A freak show athlete, with the dynamics of possibly a Cam Newton, run and throw.  He blew people away in workouts and some of his Saturday’s were highlite show videos.  But he is really unpolished. He completed only 53% of his passes with the Gators and that was with alot of firepower players around him.  You can polish the gem, but do you spend a top five pick on someone not ready?

WILL LEVIS…The Kentucky QB has alot of what you like.  Big size, big frame, cannon for an arm, smart guy.  But he has just one year of big time stats, though he was the entire offense at UK in the SEC.  He has climbed the board thanks to workouts and interviews.  He is on a fast track, and might be a big time player.

HENDON HOOKER…He was everything to the Tennessee Vols, then he got hurt.  Diverse, run and throw, with size, but he’s coming off a torn ACL and may not be ready for all the things rookies need in training camp.  Might be a mystery player and might not be a top 15-choice, but he sure was explosive and dangerous in Knoxville.

JAKE HAENER…Fresno State’s explosive QB is only 6′ tall, and does not have a rifle for an arm.  But the rumblings are that he is a gamer, he is really smart, really accurate, and has no fear.  They are saying the Bulldog QB has alot of the traits Drew Brees had.  That has opened eyes.  He will get a look, not in the early rounds, but remember the Brock Purdy slot.  Drew Brees worked out didn’t he?

MAX DUGGAN…He was the catalyst on offense at TCU, but has not gotten alot of play in the off season.  Maybe it is the size.  Maybe he is a systems quarterback, but there are guys in the NFL who grind their ways to starting jobs.  A likely late round pick and then who knows.

DORIAN THOMPSON-ROBINSON…He did alot at UCLA, has size, skill, ability to throw and run.  Maybe he needs to go into a specific offense, but a number of teams have brought him in for workouts.

There are other accomplished QBs out there, from Houston, BYU, Purdue ,Penn State and even small school Shepard State-West Virginia.

We know the stars.  Is there another Brock Purdy out there?  We find out soon


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One Response to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “The NFL & QB Derby””

  1. Chris says:

    While Purdy is a great example, people forget that Brady and Montana were fourth round picks, Fouts was a third round. It is more about the team and coaching than where they are drafted. Plunkett was a disaster for the Patriots and 9ers, then won two Superbowls with the Raiders. Josh McDaniels who claimed “I can turn a high school QB into an All-Pro” couldn’t handle a QB that wasn’t a robot. All the names you mentioned, maybe two will be successful. For a billion dollar industry, that level of failure is tragic.

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