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Random thoughts in sports stories from all over the place:

NFL…They got thru it (the season) last year delaying, moving a select group of games.  Not this year.  Monday was a record setting day in the NFL, with 105-players going on the Covid list.  The NFL is facing a real postseason crisis.  What kind of teams will be on the field in the playoffs, if teams keep losing the numbers of players they are.  Last weekend’s game featured a hodge-podge of rosters and it hurt the quality of play.  Somebody will get to the finish line but what will their roster look like.

THE SCHEDULE…A 17-game schedule and these expanded playoffs.  I know it’s all about money, but is anyone paying attention to the wear-and-tear factor on these players couple with the Covid crisis.  It just seems the NFL is heading for a real fiasco finish to the season.  Covid doesn’t care  whether its a quarterback or a taxi cab driver.  The virus hits everyone


THE QB MESS…Last year, all four Broncos QBs were exposed to the virus and a wide receiver had to play a full game for Denver, resulting in a bad loss.  New Orleans started its 4th QB of the season on Monday night, because of the Jameis Winston knee injury; the Trevor Siemian positive Covid test; and the Taysom Hill concussion.  Enter Ian Book, the rookie from Notre Dame, who threw a ‘Pick Six’ on his 2nd pass.  Look around the league, clubs have problems.

SAVING GRACE…The NFL did do something right, and learned from it last year, to help teams.  They allowed each team to have a 16-man practice squad, and decided that the taxi squad could sign six veteran players to it.  It means a ready list of experienced players just a phone call away, rather than a roster full of kids, who have never been to war before.

BUFFALO DOLLAR BILLS…Cole Beasley has been adamant about the NFLs protocols as it relates to testing, vaccines and disciplines.  Beasley has violated the protocols six times this season, and been fined just above 96,000 by the NFL,  The penalties increase each time a violation is found and Beasley violated rules in the locker-room, meeting rooms and lunchroom.  Stubborn and stupid.  And now he has tested positive.

CHARGERS-WAS IT WORTH IT…The growing number of Bols players  out of action because of Covid now numbers 18.  More alarming the number of unvaccinated Chargers players we are now finding out about.  If they miss the playoffs, you have to ask Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Joey Bosa and others if it was worth it, refusing the vaxx, and getting sick, and now watching their team possibly miss the postseason.

NEW RULES…Tuesday is the day NFL teams, with head coaching openings, can trigger early interviews.  Still to be determined, would New England allow Josh McDaniels to spend a day doing a first interview?  Eric Bienemy in Kansas City?  Byron Leftwich in Tampa is in the same boat.

Tuesday tidbits.


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